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I am a retired 70+ year old computer enthusiast. I joined to help the Scientific Research teams to discover cures for Cancer and Muscular Dystrophy as...


Murphy's Law
Naturally, on the opening morning of hunting season, the server decided to hang while doing the backups. That left the project in a "down" status. Everything should be back up and running now. 21 Nov 2014, 20:13:47 UTC · Comment

Electrical Line Work
ComEd was out to replace the meter today. What is normally a 5 minute job ended up taking 3 guys almost 4 hours to complete and the UPS doesn't have that long of a runtime so the project was unavailable a some time. Everything should be back up and running normally now. 7 Nov 2014, 21:18:10 UTC · Comment

Up and Running
Don't blame the cat sitter! The server was online all last week. It was the firewall that was down. Naturally, I didn't leave directions on how to check that.
Regardless of the reason, Collatz is once again available. Before bringing the firewall back online, I ran a query to get the number and type of work units in progress for each host so I can manually grant credit for them if cancelled by the server for being late even if the grace period has not yet passed.
16 Jun 2014, 14:24:36 UTC · Comment

Potential Outage After June 5 thru June 15
From June 5-15, the temporary Collatz system admin will be the cat sitter. That doesn't sound very reassuring does it? Sorry, but if the server goes down and requires anything other than a simple reboot, there may be an extended outage.

Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are higher than normal since Commonwealth Edison (a.k.a. ComEd, the electrical company in the area) failed to notify me on their original attempt to replace my power meter last week but were unable to do so since it evidently takes at least two people to do it. Since they didn't call before the last attempt, Murphy's Law suggests that they will not call before the next attempt and that it will take place while I am on vacation. The cat sitter doesn't know how to switch over to the generator if the outage exceeds the UPS battery so if the power is out for an extended period, Collatz may remain down until I get back.
27 May 2014, 2:54:44 UTC · Comment

Server Back Online
I had intended to get the routine maintenance done prior to the 2014 BOINC Pentathlon Sprint rather than during it but due to a PBCAK (problem between chair and keyboard also known as operator error) the Collatz server attempted to install software it shouldn't have during the routine scheduled maintenance and there were some nasty unforeseen results. After a kernel panic followed closely by me panicking and multiple attempts at repairing the corrupted libraries without having to re-install the entire operating system, Collatz is now back online. 8 May 2014, 14:00:59 UTC · Comment

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