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False Positive: Win32/Bulta!rfn
Microsoft recently added a check for the Win32/Bulta!rfn trojan virus to Microsoft Security Essentials. Unfortunately, the footprint they use to check for the virus matches that of the mini amd gpu app. The app is NOT infected though. They are just using too short a foot print. It is no different than trying to find this web site by searching Google but only entering "Collatz" as the search criteria. You would get a lot of links as matches but only one is the real thing. The anti-virus software searches executable applications looking for viruses but if the search string is too short, they get a false positive.

Until Microsoft fixes it (if ever) you may
a) ignore it (but you won't be able to run mini WUs)
b) choose another app such as the solo_collatz app in your preferences instead
c) exclude the c:\program data\boinc folder from being checked.
26 May 2015, 13:23:40 UTC · Comment

Power Restored
The Collatz server was down due to a power outage. It appears that everything is back up and running now, but if you have any issues, please let me know. Thanks. 25 May 2015, 21:18:32 UTC · Comment

Back Online
The MySQL database stopped responding for the second time in two days so while it was down, I took some time to do some database maintenance. I am hoping that will get it back to being stable again. Thanks for your patience. 10 May 2015, 1:08:55 UTC · Comment

Corrupt Index Caused Authentication Errors
An index on the user table in the database was corrupt and has been fixed. If you have issues or notice something that is out of sync somehow, please let me know.

The email address index on the user table was corrupted. This kept people from being able to authenticate when connecting. Ever heard that the definition of lunacy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? If that is true, some of you need some serious counselling. ;-)

When people couldn't connect, they attempted to authenticate and BOINC's logic is that if it can't find you, you must be new. So, it created another record because the index used to look up your existing record was corrupt -- or for some lunatics, another and another and another and another... That resulted in multiple user records with the same email address and because of that, I couldn't just drop and re-create the corrupt index because there were now duplicate data values that needed to first be removed.

So, after cleaning up hundreds of records each of which had to be manually evaluated to determine whether any other data was associated with the user record (since BOINC doesn't have any data integrity between tables because it uses no foreign key relationships in the database it will allow me to delete records that do have data associated with them which means I have to be very careful when fixing things). Once they were all removed, I was able to rebuild the index and allow everyone to access the project again.
5 Mar 2015, 23:58:18 UTC · Comment

Android 5, aka Lolipop or Android L not getting work
Android 5 was recently released but it is not currently working - mainly due to work fetch issues. We are working to identify and fix the issues as soon as possible. 12 Feb 2015, 0:50:11 UTC · Comment

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