Rest In Peace John Clark
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Message 17803 - Posted: 11 Nov 2013, 15:06:02 UTC

It is with a VERY heavy heart that I post this:
For those that might not be aware, John Clark has been a member of TFFE for many years and crunched for many projects over that time.

Over the past year or so he has fought a long and hard battle against cancer and only recently lost his wife Sheila. I have found out today that John passed away at home yesterday. This was the message from Chris Stephens :

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to tell you, that just a short time ago I was informed that John had been found deceased at home, yesterday Sunday Nov 10th. Coming such a short time after his wife Sheila's death, this is just devastating to both his family and his friends.

The dogs aren't there now, so presumably must have been taken away by the RSPCA.

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Message 17808 - Posted: 12 Nov 2013, 2:39:04 UTC

.... Godspeed John Clark

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Message 17822 - Posted: 13 Nov 2013, 19:23:55 UTC

Rest in Peace, John Clark.

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Message 17823 - Posted: 13 Nov 2013, 20:59:34 UTC

I am so, so sorry to hear this....

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Message 17853 - Posted: 19 Nov 2013, 19:00:22 UTC

Been away and just got back to find this ....

Sad .... Sad news ...... he was such a good man.

I will always retain genuine fond memories of his time on BOINC and related activities.

RIP John ..... if only all BOINC'rs were like you ....

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Message boards : Cafe : Rest In Peace John Clark

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