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Message boards : Windows : No CPU WUs?

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Message 18651 - Posted: 18 Feb 2014, 22:29:18 UTC

I'm connected to this project, and don't run GPU apps (as it's a laptop so the GPU is fairly poor). However, I've had no WUs from this project for a while. Are any CPU WUs being distributed or do I need to change my project preferences to get them?

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Message 18652 - Posted: 19 Feb 2014, 0:12:06 UTC - in response to Message 18651.

Holding reply until Slicker sees this ..... the Project had a mega crash a couple of weeks ago, and Slicker is still doing rebuild et al. Likely he hasn't yet got around to doing the CPU apps ..... hang fire for a while, don't know how long, could be a day or so, could be longer, no idea, wait for Slicker's response.

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Message 18654 - Posted: 19 Feb 2014, 5:01:52 UTC
Last modified: 19 Feb 2014, 5:08:23 UTC

At present, the only CPU applications require OpenCL drivers be installed. You do NOT need to crunch GPU apps to use the Intel or AMD OpenCL drivers for CPUs, but it is something you would need to download and install (see links on the home page).

OpenCL doesn't just run on GPUs. It also runs on CPUs and is a technology that allows an application to run on all the processors (or cores) at one time. This is similar to the "mt" or multi-threaded BOINC plan class. In the non-BOINC world, it is similar to OpenMP or multi-processor applications.

Will single core CPU applications be available again? Probably, but not tomorrow. Or the next day. Dual core CPUs and low end GPUs take too long to run a solo_collatz workunit (e.g. 84 hours on a Mobility HD 3200 GPU). Running on a single core is even slower. So, once the new v6.xx application release has settled down, I plan to add a mini solo collatz app for CPUs and slower GPUs. I haven't started on v6.00 single CPU applications yet, but I should be able to borrow most of the code from the OpenCL applications.

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Message boards : Windows : No CPU WUs?

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