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Message 18904 - Posted: 22 Mar 2014, 23:40:45 UTC
Last modified: 23 Mar 2014, 0:13:58 UTC

Came across this amazing Site, with some incredible Photos, films and animations - they are Stunning......

Well worth getting a Malt or a Coffee as the mood takes you, settle back and spend a while browsing the whole Site. Dig deep, there are many layers to the Site, look closer at options - in particular - of more related photos to the up front one, accessed by a link(s), at the bottom of the up front photo.

The Snipping Tool (et al) can be a wonderful way of getting together a series of stunning photos for the PC back-ground screen, screen saver (et al).

The one below is a short clip of the worlds second largest aquarium - amazing .... expand to full screen for best effect.

You could likely spend well over an hour flicking thro all this, and still not see them all. Definitely a Keeper on the Browser Bar et al as a source of stunning images and photos.

This is my favourite ..... the guys are out of their tiny minds. Its no where near the infamous 108ft world record wave clip, but these images are close and stunningly clear, of surfers taking on waves on a beach in Hawaii which had been closed and classed as near lethal.

These guys are out of their tiny minds :)

Again ..... watch it in full screen view... the wave tunnels they are surfing through are in some cases 20 to 40 ft high, let alone the wave rofl :)

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Message boards : Cafe : Superb Quality Photos ..... Truely Outstanding

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