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Message 18986 - Posted: 2 Apr 2014, 18:42:21 UTC


Have you heard about gridcoin yet?

It's a cryptocurrency (similar to bitcoin/litecoin) that bases the reward quantity on the relative contribution to boinc.

I believe this could bring some serious horse power to boinc - think tens of thousands of GPUs/hundreds of thousands of cpu cores.

Would you be at all interested in checking it out and contributing to the open source development? If even just advising the lead developer, or participating in the community, it would be very much so appreciated.

Links: (main site) (main forum) (reddit community) (current team stats) (announcement thread)

If you are at all interested, put a gridcoin donation address on your project site and we as a community will donate towards the project's server expenses.

I hope you can join our community,



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Message boards : Wish list : Gridcoin participation

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