Differences between WUs and their credits
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Douglas De Rizzo Meneghetti
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Message 20032 - Posted: 6 Nov 2014, 6:43:16 UTC

Hi guys, I have a question regarding the amount of credit awarded by some WUs of the project.

Most times, when my computers are number crunching for various projects, I get a reasonable amount of credit a day, say 15k. On rare occasions, however, Collatz Conjecture awards me a huge amount of credit, much more than what I`m used to getting. Yesterday, for example, one of my GPU-equipped PCs was awarded 240k credits and sometimes this number goes up to 300k.

I was wondering if someone could explain to me why this happens. I understand it has something to do with the number of steps it takes to complete the proof of certain numbers, what I don`t understand is how or when are these WUs assigned to my computers. Are they part of a different application inside the project? Can't I assign these WUs to my GPU-equipped computers and the simpler WUs to my lesser minions?

Thanks in advance.

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Message 20036 - Posted: 7 Nov 2014, 2:03:38 UTC - in response to Message 20032.

It looks like you are getting a mix of mostly solos with a few larges thrown in.
Check your Collatz preferences to select only the WUs that you want.

very roughly:
micros are around 55cr/wu
minis are around 900cr/wu
solos are around 15kcr/wu
larges are around 240kcr/wu

Per day depends on you computer, how often you are running boinc, and what type of GPU you are running. My 3+ year-old laptop {540M) which I turn off at night does around 30kcr/day, my new desktop (750Ti) which runs 24/7 does around 300kcr/day. Both computers run solos only.

See this thread http://boinc.thesonntags.com/collatz/forum_thread.php?id=2&start=0 for a more thorough discussion of credits.
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Message 20038 - Posted: 7 Nov 2014, 15:31:47 UTC

You can choose which size WUs you get by editing the project preferences from the My Account page.
Yes, you can assign the larger size WUs to hosts with GPUs and the smaller WUs to those without (or just use your GPUs so your CPUs can crunch on other projects). To do that you would create a separate venue (default, home, work, school) and use different preferences for each venue. Then assign the hosts to the appropriate venues. Just ignore the venue names as they have no actual tie to the physical location. Rather, think of them as default group, group1, group2, and group3 which someone at Berkeley decided to name default (--), home, work, and school.

Come to think of it, I wonder how hard it would be to allow each volunteer name the venue what they want in their preferences.... Hmmmm......

Douglas De Rizzo Meneghetti
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Joined: 21 Feb 12
Posts: 2
Credit: 34,767,025
RAC: 46,991
Message 20047 - Posted: 11 Nov 2014, 12:42:10 UTC

Thanks guys. For years I've been using BOINCstats/BAM! to manage my computers and projects and I never bumped into these project-specific preferences. This week, I was able to create better configurations and set my work units right. Things are starting to look a little better now.

Thanks again.

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