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Message 20167 - Posted: 8 Jan 2015, 8:47:22 UTC

I have recently started oc'ing my 750TI. Afterburner settings coreclock +124, memory +300. While Collatz was down I was using PrimeGrid PPS sieve to do my testing. With the PG WUs GPU-Z sensors report 1300 clock, 1500 memory with 1.2V. These are reasonable without really pushing the card. The clock speeds and voltage don't fluctuate.

However when I switched over to Collatz WUs the GPU-Z sensors report a fluctuating core clock and VDDC generally between 1240Hz/1.1180V to 1267Hz/1.1430V. Anyone have an idea why the Collatz WUs would cause a decrease in clock speed/voltage?

I only noticed this because my mouse is having drop outs (the mouse works fine when Collatz is not running), yet my screen is not having noticeable lag. None the less I've tried changing some of the settings in the .config file but that doesn't seem to affect the mouse problems.
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Message boards : Number crunching : Odd gpu behavior

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