iGPU high CPU usage
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Message 20553 - Posted: 12 Jun 2015, 2:28:45 UTC

I have my little BayTrail machine setup to use its iGPU for Collatz as a backup project when SETI@home runs out of AP for it. However it looks like it is running almost entirely on the CPU.

I'm already reserving a core for the GPU in my app_config.xml

<app_config> <app> <name>mini_collatz</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1.0</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1.0</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> </app_config>

However I'm not really familiar with Collatz as I am with SETI, but from the looks of the Optimizing Collatz v6.xx OpenCL and CUDA Applications thread. I may need to use values lower than default for items_per_kernel & kernels_per_reduction? Unless there is some kind of known app driver compatibility I should be aware of.

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Message boards : Number crunching : iGPU high CPU usage

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