Sieve don't work for me!
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Message 21271 - Posted: 10 Sep 2015, 20:47:50 UTC

Error in 2s!
I've OS X 10.10.5, 24 Go of RAM, AMD 7950 3 Go Ram

Here is the stderr :

Stderr output

process exited with code 245 (0xf5, -11)
Collatz Conjecture Sieve 1.22 OS X x86_64 for OpenCL
Written by Slicker (Jon Sonntag) of team SETI.USA
Based on the AMD Brook+ kernels by Gipsel of team Planet 3DNow!
Sieve code and OpenCL optimization provided by Sosiris of team BOINC@Taiwan
Error returned by cvms_element_build_from_source
clBuildProgram() failed with error (-11)
Error: (-11)Program build failure at 1163 of SetupOpenCL

Error -11. Processing Aborted.
22:44:04 (42643): called boinc_finish


Thx to have a look!

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Message 21699 - Posted: 11 Nov 2015, 1:55:37 UTC - in response to Message 21271.

I got exactly the same. Took 10s though.

Slicker, any chance of a working app for AMD on OSX?

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Message 21708 - Posted: 12 Nov 2015, 5:13:52 UTC - in response to Message 21699.

Steve, the history of the compatibility problem with AMD GPUs under OS X goes back to OS X 10.9. AFAIK, the problem lies with the OpenCL driver present in OS X 10.9 and later. I have "resolved" the problem in two ways: on some machines I downgraded OS X back to 10.8, and on other machines I have replaced the AMD GPU with an NVIDIA GPU (specifically, an EVGA GTX 680 Mac edition or dual GeForce 8800 GTs).

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Message boards : Macintosh : Sieve don't work for me!

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