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Message 22596 - Posted: 20 Jun 2016, 14:17:43 UTC

My GPU R9 nano is getting 3300~3500 credits per task...

Only 3180 credits for this task, why ??
Run time 65.66 -->very fast
CPU time 5.88
Validate state Valid
Credit 3,180.44 -->very low!!
Derek, team BOINC@Taiwan

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Joined: 15 May 10
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Message 22807 - Posted: 8 Aug 2016, 21:39:20 UTC

CreditNew (CreditScrew) is the answer to your question.

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Message 22814 - Posted: 10 Aug 2016, 4:56:23 UTC - in response to Message 22596.

Faster generally means fewer steps. Credit is based on the total steps computed, so the credit is lower for a WU that has fewer steps. What can't be predicted is how diverse the steps will be from one number to the next. While the CPU doesn't care if a number has more or less steps than the previous number, the GPU slows down when the steps differ more than the size of the lookup table from one number to the next.

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Message boards : Number crunching : Very low credits

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