Detaching old macs from BOINC
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Message 22692 - Posted: 9 Jul 2016, 13:54:30 UTC

Today I detached a Core2Duo 21.5" iMac and two i3 21.5" iMacs from BOINC. BOINC had been making these iMacs increasing unstable. Collectively, these machines accounted for approximately 0.25% of my RAC (both overall and C@H), so I felt that retiring them was a good decision. Nonetheless, I felt a bit of a twinge, as the C2D machine had the second-longest tenure as one of my BOINC crunchers (6+ years). But, the machines are not being totally retired - the C2D machine is my kitchen media center, one of the i3 machines is my great room media center, and the other i3 machine is my main home office and iTunes machine. In fact, that is the machine on which I am posting this message. I find it amazing that I am still getting good use out of machines that are 6-7 years after their introduction.

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Message boards : Macintosh : Detaching old macs from BOINC

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