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Message 24273 - Posted: 16 Sep 2017, 0:13:55 UTC

I currently have two raspberry pi's added to the Collatz project, but one of them has no work available for it, the v3 that I have. Which is odd, considering I have a much older Model B running micros with no issue.

Both are running the exact same distro (most recent Raspbian) and even the same microSD card - 16GB, one with a microSD to SD shell on the B, the one that's working fine. Both have the client and the manager installed just fine, no real issues.

I'm just confused as to why the more modern and, I'd imagine, superior Pi is having issues. Is there an obvious config solution I'm missing?

Thanks much for your help, everyone.

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Message 24280 - Posted: 18 Sep 2017, 16:23:23 UTC

Not sure but it sounds like it could be something missing in the CSUB's installed.
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Message 24845 - Posted: 26 Feb 2018, 19:56:46 UTC - in response to Message 24273.

I have an older Pi 2 and pi zero, and newer Pi 3s and zeros. I've found that my Pi 2 and one of the older zeros work great, and nothing else. The difference? The pi zero and the Pi 2 run Jessie, and the newer pi's are running the newer Stretch. The Stretch machines say "No work units are available", in the logs. It doesn't seem to make a difference if the Stretch version is headless (lite) or the full version. Some of my zeros have no chance of ever having a keyboard and mouse.

As an aside, i wanted to run Micro Collatz on pi zeros because 1. I would like to bring the app up to similar hours as other arm/pi apps, and 2. I just discovered that relative to the pi 2 and 3, the pi zero does better on Micro Collatz than other apps do. The pi 2 and 3 are faster, but not by as much.

I've looked at the configs a bit. They're laid out differently. I don't see anything wrong. There aren't any app_info.xml files. I guess i was looking for one, because it's something i needed to get Rakesearch to run on the pi 3 (which works great). I appear to have been confused that this file is normally installed.

I might install Jessie on one of the zeros just to confirm this further. I have a zero that should finish its current SETI beta unit real soon. (As an aside, this whole investigation started with the SETI beta unit feed stopping. There's a similar thing with SETI@Home and Jessie vs Stretch. SETI@Home V8 is harder to get going on Jessie, where it just works on Stretch.)

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Message boards : Unix/Linux : Raspberry Pi v3 Issues

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