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Message 268 - Posted: 29 Jul 2009, 6:34:28 UTC


How can I get the Optimized Application to run? I have Windows 7 64Bit RC1 with ATI 1800XT and 4870. I have downloaded the zip file:

collatz_1.10_windows_x86_64__cal.zip (Win x64) 1.10 ATI CAL/Brook 1.3 07/27/2009 20:42 CST

But there is missing the file "amdcalcl64.dll"

Is there anywhere a installation info and a list which grafic cards will supported

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Message 311 - Posted: 31 Jul 2009, 0:34:30 UTC - in response to Message 268.
Last modified: 31 Jul 2009, 0:37:09 UTC

The DLL is probably part of the Catalyst driver

Have a look here :


it looks as if they might have a different name

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Message 714 - Posted: 26 Aug 2009, 11:34:17 UTC - in response to Message 268.

"Is there installation info and a list of which graphics cards are supported posted anywhere?"

Has this portion of the OP's question been answered? I'm also curious.



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Message 1428 - Posted: 19 Sep 2009, 14:44:52 UTC - in response to Message 714.

bump. wondering the same thing here. Where is the list of ATI/Cuda cards that work. I have an ATI 2600 xt that seems to want to run the app but the app sits idle after the dl

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Joined: 12 Sep 09
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Message 1445 - Posted: 19 Sep 2009, 19:18:25 UTC - in response to Message 1428.

also have installed the x64 opt ap and it errors out immediately

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Message 1494 - Posted: 20 Sep 2009, 1:07:55 UTC

Its simple after you installed the ati driver for your card, you go to the \windows\system32 map
search for 3 files starting with atical* (the asterisk means the rest of the name) in the name these 3 files should be copied and renamed to amdcal*.dll
If you have a 64 bits os these same files should be there but will be called atical???64.dll the ?means a wildcard here as well
so obviously you need to copy these 3 files and rename to amdcal???64.dll

Then reboot your computer and let 1 unit in to see if the system accepted the files.
Now when you change driver or the hardware these files will get deleted again so when you change any of them you need to do the copy and rename thing again.

I also discovered that sometimes for some weird reason windows downloads a driver version from the update site .... believe me you dont want them they screw up the install
now to have the best results on this is to find the lowest possible driver accepted for your videocard.
And i see some people asking which cards are enough to run these units, thats also simple all cards from 4830 upwards will run
and the 3850/3870 cards all other lower models simply don't have the necessary hardware todo so

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Message 2699 - Posted: 10 Oct 2009, 5:06:35 UTC

Any word yet on whether the 32-bit workunits for Nvidia under Windows will run properly under 64-bit versions of BOINC? 32-bit CPU-only Windows workunits from most other BOINC projects generally do.

If there's nobody who's tried it yet, I might volunteer to try it after I get a suitable driver (the Nvidia site for drivers says that I need to get such a driver for my laptop from HP instead; HP does not offer one recent enough yet).

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Message 2750 - Posted: 11 Oct 2009, 23:59:51 UTC - in response to Message 2699.

Yes, the 32-bit Collata app for CUDA will run under 64 bit BOINC. That's how I test them.

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Message 4743 - Posted: 26 Dec 2009, 12:45:55 UTC

Tell me please...
I use Radeon 4890 to take a part in collatz project.
Version of Boinc is 6.10.18. It uses collatz 2.06 (ati13ati) by default.
Is it necessary to download any "power apps" manualy?

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