Waiting to run GPU WUs
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Message boards : Windows : Waiting to run GPU WUs

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Message 4322 - Posted: 9 Dec 2009, 4:51:53 UTC
Last modified: 9 Dec 2009, 4:54:59 UTC

Everything was going along nicely on three machines with Radeon HD 4350s. Now I check on those machines. All the active WUs are waiting to run. The only applications running are other BOINC apps. I tried setting the share for Collatz to 10000, with the other apps at 100. However, the WUs are still waiting to run. I have set the preferences to GPU with no CPU for Collatz, save the 20% CPU for GPU WUs. All the machines are running Vista (64-bit and 32-bit.)
BOINC manager version is 6.10.18.

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Message boards : Windows : Waiting to run GPU WUs

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