Calling all Boinc crunchers
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Message 8878 - Posted: 17 Jul 2010, 20:02:28 UTC

Please join us at The Boinc Bar, a forum for all Boinc contributors to get together and chat, about crunching or just to shoot the breeze.

I created the forum some time ago but life got in the way,(as it does) and it never got the chance to take off.

Now, with your support I am ready to make it the fun place for Boinc folk to visit.

Anyone, regardless of team affilation is most welcome....indeed team promotion and challenges only add to the fun.

Please join us and help make it a fun place to visit.
Join The pup's bit on the side here

Visit The Boinc Bar

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Message boards : Cafe : Calling all Boinc crunchers

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