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Gary Craig
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Message 12554 - Posted: 7 Jul 2011, 5:27:05 UTC

Can someone explain what the command line parameters (e.g. L13 I8 S0) that are found in app_info.xml control, what the range of permissible values are, and so on? I have mine set to the above values, which I believe are for max GPU load/performance, but it is too laggy. I'd like to find a combination with tolerable lag and that doesn't use up a whole CPU core.

This is with Collatz 2.04, Ubuntu 10.10, i7 2600K, GTX570. Thanks.


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Message 12557 - Posted: 9 Jul 2011, 15:24:05 UTC

L and I control the number of items per loop and the number of iterations of loops before reporting the retsults back to the CPU. S is the number of milliseconds to sleep while waiting for the GPU to finish.

while not done for x = 1 to 2^L for y = 1 to 2^I run GPU code asynchronously next next while GPU is not done sleep S milliseconds get GPU results run checkpoint loop

In other words, to decrease lag, decrease L and I and increase S. Maybe try using L8 I5 S2

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Message boards : Unix/Linux : Command line parameter descriptions?

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