ATI HD3000 onboard (AMD 760G)
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Message 13483 - Posted: 12 Feb 2012, 11:50:21 UTC


i've an onboard ATI HD3000 grafik card and a Geforce GT 430 PCI-Express.

The Gforce runs without any hussle but the ATI gets always calculation erros in collatz.

I also tried Seti@home with lunatics app and it runs without errors on the ati.

Catalyst: 11.6b
ATI Stream: 2.4
512mb grafik memory

In the Ati stream system requirements the HD3000 is supported.

greetings from germany

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Message 15572 - Posted: 4 Dec 2012, 20:46:16 UTC

How You made both Your integrated gpu work with Your geforce?

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Message 15590 - Posted: 7 Dec 2012, 18:26:39 UTC

The first question is whether BOINC acknowledges that you have both GPUs present. You should see them both listed in the event log.

Second, the order in which you install the drivers seems to make a difference.

Third, I don't know whether SETI uses OpenCL or not. The ATI apps on Collatz use Brook+. I've also had problems with newer drivers causes errors on my machines with HD 38xx and HD 4830 GPUs. I don't know if that is because AMD is no longer supporting them. I know the newer drivers cause problems with OpenCL apps as AMD dropped OpenCL support for HD 38xx and HD 48xx GPUs and is in the process of dropping CAL and Brook+ support for all GPUs. Rolling back the driver to an older version often won't work unless you uninstall the driver, reboot, run a driver cleaner app, reboot, and then install the older driver. The reason is that the "DLL Hell" that has plagued Windows since v3.0 still exists and AMD won't overwrite a newer DLL with an older one and the install doesn't remove all the files that it installed. Or, at least that's been the case in the past.

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Message boards : Windows : ATI HD3000 onboard (AMD 760G)

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