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Message 14346 - Posted: 29 Jun 2012, 21:12:14 UTC

Running windows vista, just upgraded to boinc 7.0.25
I am receiving computation errors on Collatz 3.11 nvidia GPU. There are no indications of errors in the event log. Anyone else having computation errors? I had been running verson 6.10.56 for a long time with no problems. What would you recommend? I searched the forum and did not see anything recent about comp errors llike I am experiencing.

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Message 14347 - Posted: 29 Jun 2012, 21:24:00 UTC - in response to Message 14346.
Last modified: 29 Jun 2012, 21:39:30 UTC

Looking at your host, I'd say update your drivers to something more recent, 197.16 was the 1st driver to support OpenCL, probably way too old, and one of your failed Wu's:

- exit code -11 (0xfffffff5)
Collatz Conjecture v3.11 x86_64 for OpenCL
Based on the AMD Brook+ kernels by Gipsel
Parameters --device 0
Start 2375931453447019932008
Checking 824633720832 numbers
Device Vendor NVIDIA Corporation
Name GeForce 9600M GT
Compute Capability 1.1
Compute Units 4
Driver Version 197.16
OpenCL Version OpenCL 1.0 CUDA
Workgroup Size Auto
Kernel bit shifting
:76: error: incompatible type assigning 'int', expected 'uint4 __attribute__((address_space(3)))'
sdata[tid] = 0;
^ ~

clBuildProgram() failed (-11)Program build failure
Error -11
06:36:12 (7752): called boinc_finish


Or wait for Slicker to restrict the OpenCL app to newer drivers.


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Message 14365 - Posted: 3 Jul 2012, 19:42:54 UTC

I re-enabled the CUDA apps as well as added a new CUDA 4.2 app. nVidia driver 301.42 or later is required for it, so if you are going to update your driver, you might as well grab the latest one so it will handle both OpenCL and the CUDA 4.2 application which is quite a bit faster than the OpenCL version.

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Message boards : Windows : Computation error

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