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Message 2284 - Posted: 15 Jan 2020, 7:43:24 UTC

The pages 'About Collatz Conjecture' and 'Help' at 'Project' in the top navigation are not found.

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Message 2377 - Posted: 7 Mar 2020, 2:31:39 UTC - in response to Message 2284.  

This project is such a joke. Some non-scientist non-mathematician man from Illinois is the lone wolf behind it. No team or anything. I could forgive this if there wasn't a glaring lack of quality, but he needs a team.

To have scientific merit, this site needs an About page, so of course it doesn't exist. This is where he could publicly admit things like how he started at 2^71 for no apparent reason. On top of that, there is a dead link to what could be an "About" page to remind us that it doesn't exist. Oh, and there's another dead link to a Help page. How lazy or poor at communication is this guy?

Typos on the home page that would take any person who gave a half a crap about quality minutes to fix...
- Effectively broken link to instead of
- Says "OS X" instead of "macOS"
- The link to highest_steps.php is labeled "See the results gathered to date" instead of "Initial highest steps". A true "results gathered to date" page would have (1) an explanation of where he started (2^71), (2) which numbers are tested (every integer after 2^71 ???), (3) the highest integer tested for which there are no gaps between it and 2^71, and (4) some statement about whether or not the results of these tested integers have been processed to be checked for 128-bit-integer overflow or for exceeding of the algorithm's max steps (these would be the integers that could disprove the Collatz conjecture!).
- The whole last paragraph makes no sense: "Windows applications require the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 . It is recommended to install both the x86 and x64 versions since BOINC may decide to run the 32-bit app if no 64-bit workunits are available when requesting work." I say this because, before I quit this crappy project for projects by University-based research teams, I ran it on several Windows machines without ever needing Visual Studio.

Why on Earth are people giving their computer resources to this dude? If he can't even get a few paragraphs on the front page correct, who knows what other mistakes exist deeper in the process. He won't even address the many questions about his project in the "Science" section of these forums.
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Questions and Answers : Web site : Project/about & project/help 404

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