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Message 1079 - Posted: 23 Sep 2018, 16:56:57 UTC


Ive recently got an old RPi back up and running and went to look at what BOINC tasks didnt complete after it went down. It turns out Collatz Conjecture had 4 tasks, one completed and 3 aborted due to deadline.

I thought i might as well run an update but to my surprise I get the message that "project doesn't support computers of type arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf". This surprised me since the project did work on this architecture previously.

Can you confirm if the RPi is still supported?

Host details can be found here: https://boinc.thesonntags.com/collatz/show_host_detail.php?hostid=810315

Rich Haynes.
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : RPi No Longer Supported?

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