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1) Message boards : News : SSL Issues (Message 24373)
Posted 98 days ago by Profile Slicker
I finally found the issue. After the manual update, it was using "chain.pem" instead of "fullchain.pem" so the complete certificate chain from LetsEncrypt was not found. While web browsers are smart enough to lookup the CA and figure it out, BOINC doesn't have it in it's CA list and doesn't check for updates of that list.
2) Message boards : News : SSL Issues (Message 24345)
Posted 99 days ago by Profile Slicker
I'm not sure why yet, but the LetsEncrypt script didn't update the SSL certificate as expected. I ran it manually and it worked. If you are still having problems connecting, please let me know.
3) Message boards : Science : There will be soon a new subproject attacking an collatz issue integrated in yoyo@home (Message 24189)
Posted 155 days ago by Profile Slicker
Very nice. Are there Windows or OS X versions planned?
4) Message boards : Windows : Nvidia GT730 Issues (Message 24186)
Posted 156 days ago by Profile Slicker
When the app cannot allocate enough memory whether system RAM or GPU RAM, the app will crash. It doesn't help that BOINC kills the GPU apps which doesn't necessarily allow them to clean up after themselves before exiting. Unfortunately, there's no way to check whether the GPU or system has enough free RAM other than to try and allocate it. When it doesn't work, the app can't run and errors out. This seems to happen mostly when BOINC switches between apps often. Personally, I've never trusted BOINC's scheduler so I never run more than one CPU and one GPU app machine. Also, the "don't crunch when in use" causes the GPU app to be killed when the computer is busy and there's no guarantee that the memory it had when it ran before being killed will still be available when it resumes.

Try using a smaller sieve size and lookup table size. (See the optimizing thread for details.)
5) Message boards : News : Router/Firewall Upgrade (Message 24094)
Posted 206 days ago by Profile Slicker
I will be installing a new firewall later this evening around 9pm CDT. If all goes as planned, the site will be inaccessible for only a minute or two. If things really don't go as planned, I'll revert back to the existing router/firewall.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : 8th BOINC Pentathlon (May 5-19) (Message 23970)
Posted 274 days ago by Profile Slicker
Would there be enough WUs available when the final selection of BOINC projects would include you?

The number of WUs is limited to how many numbers exist. In other words, infinite.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported Platforms (Message 23931)
Posted 303 days ago by Profile Slicker
I have, now have it working with the latest driver after a clean install so something clearly went bad when I last updated. Still no luck with the tablet, though.

To be honest, phones, tablets, etc. have so little computing power due to their limited heat dissipation (not giant heat sink for fan) that the CPU is limited due to heat issues. Because of that, a WU that takes 45 seconds on a high end GPU takes a week or more on those devices. So while I appreciate that you want to use your tablets and other hand held devices, their use or lack thereof has very little effect on the overall efficiency of the project as a single GPU can replace hundreds of android devices.
8) Message boards : Unix/Linux : computing error with intel GPU (Message 23928)
Posted 310 days ago by Profile Slicker
The embedded Intel GPU requires really low settings. Check the optimization thread and use the lowest values and work your way up until it crashes. Then go back to the previous.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Your best result so far? (Message 23927)
Posted 310 days ago by Profile Slicker
Thanks for catching that. I've updated the highest_steps page.
10) Message boards : News : Upcoming Maintenance (Message 23922)
Posted 311 days ago by Profile Slicker
The current firewall keeps randomly rebooting and after it restarts, I have to reboot the Comcast modem in order for it to link up. A new firewall should arrive Wednesday and if all goes well, will replace the old one the same day.
11) Message boards : News : Comcast Back Online (Message 23908)
Posted 319 days ago by Profile Slicker
Sometime between 10am and 1pm Central Standard Time, the network was down. After rebooting the cable modem at 1pm, it came back online.
12) Message boards : Windows : Problème tout part en erreur (Message 23881)
Posted 331 days ago by Profile Slicker
(unknown error) - exit code -1073741701 (0xc000007b)

What the above output (returned by your computer) shows is that the Collatz app never even started. That is likely due to not having the C runtime installed. Since you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, you need BOTH the 32 and 64 bit versions installed.

To prove that, try running the collatz_sieve_1.21_windows_x86_64__opencl_nvidia_gpu.exe from a command prompt. When the C runtime is installed, there will be a stderr.txt file that
starts with the line:
"Collatz Conjecture Sieve 1.21 Windows x86_64 for OpenCL"

If there is no stderr.txt file then either the C runtime is not installed or the permissions are screwed up and it can't be created. The first thing the collatz app does is write the above line to the output, which is prior to anything having to do with the WU, so the error is NOT a WU problem.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : upcoming challenge "A Valentine Col*latzion for Moon*" (February 10-17): 16 teams -> enough WUs available ? (Message 23857)
Posted 337 days ago by Profile Slicker
As there are an infinit number of integers, there are an infinite number of WUs. They are generated as needed. At present, there are ~100K in progress and there are ~200K in the database with 800 loaded into shared memory and ready to send at any given time.
14) Message boards : Windows : collatz cannot find MSVCP110.dll (Message 23856)
Posted 337 days ago by Profile Slicker
When running a 64-bit version of Windows, you will need to install both the 32 and the 64 bit versions of the C runtime. That's because BOINC sends both versions of the app in order to "learn" which runs faster on your machine.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation error if task is suspended (Message 23784)
Posted 359 days ago by Profile Slicker
Also install the C Run-time for 32bit. I have both installed.

Correct. You need both.


You can add "<no_alt_platform>1</no_alt_platform>" to your cc_config.xml. That tells the client that 32-bit apps are not allowed. The down side is that if you enable the no_alt_platform setting, any BOINC project that only has 32-bit apps will not run on your computer.

Even though the setting on the BOINC server is set to prefer 64-bit apps, the server will still send a mix of both 64 and 32-bit apps. It is supposed to only do that until it determines that the 64-bit app runs faster than the 32-bit version on your computer. If the 32-bit app keeps failing, it keeps trying to send another.
16) Message boards : Windows : Trying to run INTEL GPU (Message 23783)
Posted 359 days ago by Profile Slicker
Enable sched_op_debug in the log options and you will be able to see if the BOINC client is actually requesting any work. It says it is, but I've seen where it says it is requesting work but it asks for zero seconds of work. When it does that, the BOINC server assumes the client is just checking in and not really asking for work.
17) Message boards : News : Unexpected Power Outage (Message 23752)
Posted 367 days ago by Profile Slicker
While we didn't get ice here, we had plenty of rain. Unfortunately, I was gone for the day when the power outage occurred so there was no opportunity to fire up the backup generator. Thankfully, everything came back online although it took 3 reboots before the firewall decided it indeed had a hard drive. If you get a download error, etc. for a workunit, please let me know. When there is a major crash, there are usually a few screwed up workunits where the database and the file system aren't completely in sync.
18) Message boards : Windows : Near permanent calc error (Message 23744)
Posted 370 days ago by Profile Slicker
I also did a lot of checking around after getting this kind of errors. The error appears (sometimes) when the task is suspended and restarted (for boinc related or personal reasons). The common (good) behavior (stderr) is the following

Resuming at 3093177794165886418944
actual threads 64
Collatz Config Settings:

But sometimes there is not the "Suspending..." line and the task errors out afterwards, see this one

If there isn't a "Suspending..." line it is because the BOINC client didn't want to wait for the kernel to finish and just killed the app. BOINC's impatience is causing the memory leak. It shouldn't be killing the app since the app sets the "don't suspend me now" flag whenever a kernel is running and clears it when finished. Collatz loads up items_per_reduction number of kernels and then they all run asynchronously on the GPU. There isn't a way to stop them once submitted short of forcing the GPU to reset. The projects which do 80% on the CPU and 20% on the GPU don't run into that problem. They spend the majority of their time copying data back and forth from the host to the GPU. Collatz copies the data initially and then runs kernel after kernel on the GPU with very little data going between the host and the GPU. The better optimized the Collatz app is, the closer it gets to 100% on the GPU and 0% on the CPU and BOINC was never designed with that in mind.
19) Message boards : Windows : Near permanent calc error (Message 23742)
Posted 370 days ago by Profile Slicker
When the BOINC client "suspends" the workunits, it doesn't actually do that. Rather, it first tries to tell the application to exit properly. If the application doesn't respond quickly enough, BOINC kills the application. When a GPU application is killed, the GPU may not free the memory properly. When BOINC "resumes" the GPU app, it is actually restarting it. If the app didn't free up the memory when "suspended" then it may crash when it tries to allocate the memory a second time and there isn't enough.

The choice to kill rather than suspend GPU apps was done because some people feel the need to run a bazillion projects at a time. When BOINC suspended the GPU apps and switched to another project, there were times when there wasn't enough memory for that project and it would run out of memory. IMO, the issue is that BOINC should wait longer before killing the app. When the app exits properly, it deallocates all the memory and gives the GPU the appropriate commands to free up any RAM it allocated as well. While Windows will keep track of the system RAM and make sure it gets freed, I don't think it has the ability to do the same for the GPU RAM since the drivers are often unique per GPU.

If it happened randomly, I'd agree it is a memory stick but since it always happens when resuming, it is likely due to the app being killed and not being able to resume.

Another possibility is the way the driver optimizes the GPU code when OpenCL compiles it at runtime. If the driver gets too aggressive with the optimization, it may try to reuse a variable rather than create a new one and, as has been seen for years with the MAC + AMD combination, it won't run properly unless all optimization is turned off which slows it down by 100 times or more.
20) Message boards : Windows : HTTP error: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates (Message 23730)
Posted 371 days ago by Profile Slicker
HTTP error: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates

It looks like the root certificate for LetsEncrypt is not installed as a trusted certificate on your computer. Go to with your browser and see if if shows an SSL error. If so, you should be able to view the certifiace and trust it manually.

Anyone know when Microsoft last updated the CA trusts for Windows 7? Or have they dropped support for it since Win 8, Win 8.1, and Win 10 have all superceeded it?

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