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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Collatz Sieve v1.21 (opencl_amd_gpu) Issues (Message 21831)
Posted 772 days ago by woohoo
I had a couple of other ideas. I was hoping that there wasn't some sort of an incompatibility issue so I decided to browse the top computers list to see if another host had a similar gpu. It took a while but at least I did find another host with a similar gpu.

Might be a good idea to check the website preferences. On mine I do have Use ATI GPU checked and under Run only the selected plan classes I have everything checked.

Other than that you can try resetting the project or removing the project and then adding it again.

Or do you think suspending primegrid will allow tasks to download?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Collatz Sieve v1.21 (opencl_amd_gpu) Issues (Message 21829)
Posted 772 days ago by woohoo
i would suggest updating the video driver
3) Message boards : Number crunching : WUs completing too quickly & getting too few WUs (Message 21696)
Posted 803 days ago by woohoo
Where do they sell those at?
4) Message boards : News : Google's Anti-Malware Detection Gives False Positives (Message 21605)
Posted 819 days ago by woohoo
Wait, so Microsoft isn't the cause of every problem? I want to blame them for my laziness.

I was not aware that Google had an anti-malware package. I'm fine with Windows Defender.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : 2x R9 295x2 only able to use 2 GPUs (Message 21543)
Posted 828 days ago by woohoo
i'm running four gpus, i'm not really doing anything special
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation Error (Sieve untis) (Message 21525)
Posted 830 days ago by woohoo
you could try this:


I did try some settings for my setup and the speedup was considerable but there was a jump in heat and running stock was already hot enough for my liking so I'm staying with stock for now.
7) Message boards : News : Sieve in Production; Large and Solo deprecated (Message 21518)
Posted 831 days ago by woohoo
i ended up going back to windows 8.1 from windows 10 on one of my computers because i wanted to keep using 15.7.1 but windows update would overwrite that with the latest beta driver which would cause a reboot every time i tried turning crossfire off.

if your computer is running 13.1 then the driver should show up as 1.4.1741. but in reality it's showing up as 1.4.1734 which would make that driver earlier than 12.6. so maybe you're having a similar problem to mine where you install 13.1 and later the OS overwrites that with a different driver.
8) Message boards : News : Sieve in Production; Large and Solo deprecated (Message 21509)
Posted 831 days ago by woohoo
Given the model of video card that you have along with your operating system, I hope you're not stuck. AMD doesn't officially provide support for that card under Windows 10, so all you have is Microsoft's driver that might not be complete. The last driver that AMD put out for that card was catalyst 13.1 and I'm not sure you will have luck getting that to work under Windows 10. 13.1 was made for Windows 8.

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