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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : is collatz down? (Message 3497)
Posted 10 Oct 2021 by Rudolfensis
The CA(computer associates) security certificate expired for over 10 million pc's and yours is just one of them, you can either upgrade it or wait for a new version of Boinc to come out that MAY have the new Certificate in it, since the Developers are now NOT paid for thier work they are 'discussing' what should or should not be in the new version meaning it could be awhile. Both Linux and Windows were affected, I don't know about Mac's.

Made things simple for me, since only Collatz is giving me problems, I'm abandoning Collatz for a long time and give my other projects the free time now.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : is collatz down? (Message 3495)
Posted 9 Oct 2021 by Rudolfensis
It's NOT Collatz is the CRT file that's expired and LOTS of Boinc Projects are affected, it was discussed in the Number Crunching thread the other day and the fix works great:

If it's not Collatz how is it that I have NO problem with ANY of ALL my other projects with other Universities then? Kind of interesting that ONLY Collatz is giving me problems. If it was a BOINC only problem, it wouldn't only affect Collatz obviously, so something happened with Collatz first which then affected BOINC.
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : is collatz down? (Message 3493)
Posted 9 Oct 2021 by Rudolfensis
Right now Collatz is TOTALLY broken, I cannot stop these units, I cannot abort them, I cannot delete them, stuck with these darn units in my BOINC. So guys what heck is up? We're giving you our computer time, my computer which cost me 3k will degrade MUCH faster because I give free time to science which I believe is worth it but... it would be great if you guys kept up informed about what's happening and how you plane to resolve this.

Otherwise I'll WIPE my BOINC and continue with other project and scratch for ever Collatz.

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