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1) Message boards : Science : Possible proof (Message 12458)
Posted 2424 days ago by Profile Martok
Well, its not been verified yet, thats `our` job so keep on crunching :¬)

If the collatz conjecture would be true, we would never proof it with brute-force. The other case would be possible for "small" numbers.

Doesn't forget that this project is for developing for cuda programms for the boinc infrastructure. The developer choose a simply programmable problem for their programm to extend their knowledge in this area.

There are a lot of gpu project, which are helpfull for mankind, like Folding@Home, GPU-Grid.

2) Message boards : Science : Founded numbers (Message 4217)
Posted 2972 days ago by Profile Martok
How will be the results saved?

Only Number + Steps
Number + Steps + count of double Steps
Number + Steps + count of double Steps + each step?

And in which format?

txt or databank or ...

Would it be possible to create a graph with nodes. Where the nickname and finder of the Collatz number will be shown. Like on the sample pic of wikipedia?
3) Message boards : Windows : Power (Optimized) Applications (Message 268)
Posted 3101 days ago by Profile Martok

How can I get the Optimized Application to run? I have Windows 7 64Bit RC1 with ATI 1800XT and 4870. I have downloaded the zip file: (Win x64) 1.10 ATI CAL/Brook 1.3 07/27/2009 20:42 CST

But there is missing the file "amdcalcl64.dll"

Is there anywhere a installation info and a list which grafic cards will supported

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