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1) Message boards : Science : The Collatz Conjecture (Message 587)
Posted 3142 days ago by Laura_Stevens
Thank you Slicker,

I in no way meant that the goal was not worth pursuing. I would not have contributed what I have so far if I felt that. But my personal preferences lie elsewhere so I will be giving priorities to those projects pursuing goals I feel a bit more strongly about.

You got a great project here, and I will definitely keep it as an option for a backup project.

Thanks, and all the best !
2) Message boards : Science : The Collatz Conjecture (Message 421)
Posted 3150 days ago by Laura_Stevens
Just curious, is there any scientific value to proving or disproving the theorem ?

I've got my goals here, and am heading back to regular programs, but if there is a use to this beyond purely academic conjecture, I may allocate further resources here.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported Platforms (Message 327)
Posted 3156 days ago by Laura_Stevens
WE NEED WORK!!!!!!!! WE NEED WORK!!!!!!! WE NEED WORK!!!!!!!!!!

either your turntable needs service badly, or that disk has to be replaced.. ;)

Have a snack while waiting for WUs...

Glad I'm not the only one who knows what a turntable is!

Sure seems like an odd way to cook a pizza, is the turntable what they used before they had ovens or something ? :P

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