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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Mac vs. PC vs. Cuda vs. ATi (Message 9046)
Posted 2733 days ago by MattK
Thanks for the reply. That would definitely make the Win 64 app more attractive and comparable to the Mac app.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Mac vs. PC vs. Cuda vs. ATi (Message 9039)
Posted 2733 days ago by MattK

I'm going to share here some performance info for OSX vs. Windows and the Collatz apps. Reason for sharing is that I wanted to make sure what I'm seeing is right and I'd like your expert comments. BTW I'm not trolling here!

First off I'm running a MacPro 2009 with 6Gb RAM, 1x 2.66Ghz Quad core Xeon (8 threads). Two video cards; GT120 (no monitor connected) and a HD4870. Running two configs on the same machine (obviously not simultaneously):
1) OSX 10.6 with the GT120 running the CUDA app
2) Bootcamp Win XP SP3 32bit (4Gb RAM limited) running the ATI app.

The Win XP Bootcamp config is a recent experiment in the last 24hrs to see the performance of the ATI card but is something I'm not planning to continue with as it's not OSX.

The figures here are based on actuals except the performance of the Windows native app (2.00 sse) which is extrapolated from current progress stats (nothing finished yet). Also the credits per 24hrs shown here are the theoretical maximum credits assuming all WUs are valdiated, and, oh, please ignore any rounding errors...

Mac - Collatz v2.02 Cuda (Nvidea GT120)
Average completion time = 10,978 seconds
Average credit per WU = 850
Approx max credits per 24hrs per card = 6688
Credits per minute = 4.644

Mac - Collatz v2.03 standard app
Average completion time = 46,937 seconds
Average credit per WU = 783
Approx max credits per 24hrs per thread = 1442
Credits per minute = 1.00

Theoretical max for my OSX config (with GT120 + 8 threads on CPU) = 6688 + (8x 1442) = 18224

Win XP - Collatz v2.09 ati13ati (ATI HD4870)
Average completion time = 823 seconds
Average credit per WU = 757
Approx max credits per 24hrs per card = 79463
Credits per minute = 55.18

Win XP - Collatz v2.00 sse
Projected completion time = 82,094 seconds
Projected credit per WU = 782
Approx max credits per 24hrs per thread = 823
Credits per minute = 0.60

Theoretical max for my Win XP config (with HD4870 + 8 threads on CPU) = 79463 + (8x 823) = 86047

So this shows me that the ATI app on Windows is really racing through the WUs. Completing in about 14mins each it could do about 105 of these a day. This is not a surprise due to the power of the HD4870.

What is a surprise is that the Win 2.00 sse app is going to take about 22-23hrs to complete compared with the 13hrs it takes to do the Mac 2.03 app.

Is what I'm seeing consistent with what's expected? If not any suggestions on improving performance for either the Mac or the Win setup would be appreciated. Having said that I've said I don't want to stick with the Bootcamp config too long and would like to go back to the Mac setup soon but the lack of an ATI app for the Mac is a setback in completing WUs.

Thanks in advance.

3) Message boards : Wish list : Wish list... (Message 9023)
Posted 2735 days ago by MattK
Now that the new iMacs and Mac Pros (released this week) all have ATI cards it looks like there is a shift from Apple to get away from the Nvidea platform. Are you any closer to getting an ATI GPU optimized app for the Mac? Currently I'm running a Nvidea GT120 doing GPU as a secondary card but my primary is an ATI HD4870, seems a shame not to use it :)

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