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1) Message boards : News : Switching To CreditNew (Message 18961)
Posted 1392 days ago by mexico
Ha-ha-ha! Thank you for making me laugh! :)

That was a very good one! :) Happy Fools Day! :)
2) Message boards : News : Up and Running Again (Message 17255)
Posted 1631 days ago by mexico
This WU - seems to be the only one left "stuck" in my task list after the server came back up and running. I hope no data was lost during the recovery and I am glad that the project is running again!
3) Message boards : News : Server Upgrade on Thursday, April 18th (Message 16277)
Posted 1739 days ago by mexico
Sure, the server status shows zero at normal and mini collatz WUs since the server are back.
I hope there will be work for our GPU afap

Mhm, you are right. :) Looks like it's sending only solo_collatz WUs. I don't remember reading somewhere about this happening after the server upgrade and that's why I posted here. :)
4) Message boards : News : Server Upgrade on Thursday, April 18th (Message 16274)
Posted 1739 days ago by mexico
After the server upgrade, I am not able to get any GPU work to my AMD ATI Radeon HD 5x00 series (Cedar) (512MB) driver: 1.4.635. I am using the optimized ATI GPU application version 2.09 by Gipsel (Win64, CAL 1.4)

19-Apr-13 06:59:30 | Collatz Conjecture | [sched_op] Starting scheduler request
19-Apr-13 06:59:30 | Collatz Conjecture | Sending scheduler request: To fetch work.
19-Apr-13 06:59:30 | Collatz Conjecture | Requesting new tasks for ATI
19-Apr-13 06:59:30 | Collatz Conjecture | [sched_op] CPU work request: 0.00 seconds; 0.00 devices
19-Apr-13 06:59:30 | Collatz Conjecture | [sched_op] ATI work request: 2159.14 seconds; 0.49 devices
19-Apr-13 06:59:38 | Collatz Conjecture | Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks
19-Apr-13 06:59:38 | Collatz Conjecture | [sched_op] Server version 701
19-Apr-13 06:59:38 | Collatz Conjecture | No tasks sent
19-Apr-13 06:59:38 | Collatz Conjecture | No tasks are available for mini_collatz
19-Apr-13 06:59:38 | Collatz Conjecture | Message from server: Your app_info.xml file doesn't have a usable version of solo_collatz.

That's the host.

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