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1) Message boards : News : Clearing up the Backlog (12/05/2013) (Message 18072)
Posted 1503 days ago by Profile UBT - NaRyan
I'm guessing that page is reporting "iffy" info.
As it is validating the solo workunits, although it seems to be a bit random, as some hours it does several then does nothing for a few hours, and it also seems to like to validate the newer workunits before the older ones.

Also since you are a member of UK Boinc Team, you can look at Temujin's Collatz stats and if you click the graph after your name and other credit related info you can see what you have got per hour.
So that will help you see when things have validated.

Just noticed when looking at the workunits that are still pending, that they are actually collatz workunits that were sent out as solo_collatz, but they still have a quorum of 2, so got to wait for a wingman....
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Solo_collatz wus waiting for validation (Message 17655)
Posted 1558 days ago by Profile UBT - NaRyan
Same here, not as many as you guys, but the last solo work unit on mine to validate was at 03:23:01 UTC

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