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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Unsolved to Unsolvable? (Message 17422)
Posted 1605 days ago by William Kendrick
we'll find something. but it wont be e.t.
2) Message boards : Cafe : see ya. (Message 8088)
Posted 2795 days ago by William Kendrick
leaving collatz and boinc in general.. my friend and i were looking at some seti@home stuff, VERY RECENTLY, and suddenly he reported his antivirus software was uninstalled, and a spyware program installed over the top of it. about ten minutes later, sure enough; the seti@home servers went compeltely offline. i HAVE to take this at face value; i wont be returning. i'm sure i wont be felt. lots of workers have contributed to this project and will continue to do so, so i have faith that it will continue far into teh future. as for i, i refuse to put my computer on a unsafe network, just to do some number crunching for a buncha eggheads like myself. i'll keep it for more selfish reasons i guess.

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