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1) Message boards : News : Back to Comcast... (Message 8596)
Posted 2764 days ago by Chilean
How the heck do you advertise something being unlimited and give 5GB per month?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : How can a GPU work faster than a CPU in this case? (Message 8516)
Posted 2767 days ago by Chilean
My Intel T8300 2.9GHz takes many times more than my GPU (ATI Radeon HD 3650) Yet the difference in clocks is pretty big (750MHz vs 2.9GHz). From what I undersand all the CPU has to do is divide or multiply by 3 and add one, how can "parallel" processing (the GPU) make this go faster, WAY faster..? since we are talking about ONE number in particular... or is it that every WU brings more than just one number to check?

If it's the latter, then I answered my own question.

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