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1) Message boards : Windows : Nvidia driver 296.10 problem? (Message 13978)
Posted 2082 days ago by AussieGeoff
After installing the above driver I am getting computation errors for M@H WUs and Collatz Conjecture WUs on my nvidia GTI 560 Ti graphics card. In both cases the error appears after 1-2 seconds of computing. M@H is using opengl_nvidia and Collatz is Cuda23. I also run Einstein (Cuda32), GPUGrid (Cuda31) and Seti (Fermi) without any problems. Is the problem the nvidia driver or the W@H and Collatz applications?

My current "solution" is to revert to the 285.62 driver, where all 5 applications compute without errors.

Windows 7 Pro, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor, 4GB memory

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