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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimizing Collatz Sieve (Message 24120)
Posted 195 days ago by NN
Hello ill87,

I found a way to catch this last 5% with my good ol´ GTX 650: JUST START A MOVIE (not the player only) and stop (don´t close) it !
I don´t know why, but GPU-Z shows an usage of 100% then and the runtime decreases from nearly 1h49min to about 1h44min.
I hope this works on your machine as well, please let me know about it :)

My settings are:
on a Windows 7 box (Core i7 2600) with the 382.33 driver.

With greetings

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Tracking in Windows 7 (Message 23365)
Posted 430 days ago by NN
I don´t want to be tracked because I don´t want to be tracked.

I allways found what I was searching for.
I´m not interested in helping a shop selling goods I don´t need.
I recommend the Microsoft shareholders to look for a job, if they need more money.

Keep your fingers of my life!

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Tracking in Windows 7 (Message 23361)
Posted 431 days ago by NN
Hello world,

I know it´s off topic, but because this is the most read thread, I post here:

Did anybody but me recognize that Microsoft installed the former optional "Diagnostic and Telemetry service" on ALL Windows 7-machines with the latest "Quality"-Rollup?



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