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1) Message boards : News : A Time of Giving (Message 18186)
Posted 1488 days ago by Profile Indy
Big thanks for all members from Czech National Team and we wish merry christmas and happy new year 2014 for all crunchers.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux 64 bit ATI application (Message 3627)
Posted 2992 days ago by Profile Indy
I have HD4850, boinc 6.10.17, ubuntu 9.10 and fglrx driver version 8.660

after command
in test_files dir there is stderr.txt:

shmget in attach_shmem: Invalid argument
22:02:38 (4057): Can't set up shared mem: -1. Will run in standalone mode.

Running Collatz Conjecture (3x+1) ATI GPU application version 2.01 by Gipsel (Linux64, CAL 1.4 R1.1)
Reading input file ... done.
Checking 4294967296 numbers starting with 2361185725354183731560
CAL Runtime: 1.4.427
Found 0 CAL device

No supported GPU found!
22:02:38 (4057): called boinc_finish

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