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1) Message boards : Windows : 290X second card 'fails' and crashes my system (Message 21626)
Posted 813 days ago by Sean
The 290Xs don't require a crossfire cable. It's all through PCIe now (for AMD anyway).
2) Message boards : Windows : 290X second card 'fails' and crashes my system (Message 21621)
Posted 814 days ago by Sean
Hi, thanks for the reply.

Got to the bottom of the issue. Turns out the power cable to the second GPU had a broken connector at the power supply end and would periodically cut out, causing it to die.

Fortunately had a spare cable and everything is back to normal. :)
3) Message boards : Windows : 290X second card 'fails' and crashes my system (Message 21583)
Posted 819 days ago by Sean
I have two Sapphire R9 290X Vapor-X cards in crossfire and my system has been fine since I built it over a year ago however yesterday and today it froze and the second card stopped working.

It displayed a red LED at the end of the card (where the green LED normally is when in ULPS) and the centre fan spun at maximum RPM. I was running BOINC (collatz on the GPU) and watching videos on YT, as I normally do.

After swapping the cards around I tried resuming what I was doing and it did it again, only rather than it being the top card, which I thought may be faulty, it was the lower card again (device 1).

I have tried numerous things in an attempt to diagnose my symptoms such as reinstalling drivers, performing a system restore, etc. Nothing seemed to help, however I did notice that running games and watching videos without BOINC running did not cause an issue. I tested this by playing GTA V on max settings at 4K for over 2 hours.

I then went back to BOINC, on its own, nothing else running, and it the above issue occurs again. I tried it with the GPU suspended and it worked perfectly.

It seems that something in the collatz conjecture tasks I'm receiving are causing the secondary card to fail. I've been running it for over a year now and I have 84M credit in collatz. The new sieve task has been fine up until yesterday.

TL; DR - Collatz conjecture is causing the secondary GPU (device 1) to fail. Even after swapping the cards around the card in position 2 fails.[img][/img]

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