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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Output file for xxxxxxx absent? (Message 3880)
Posted 3041 days ago by Bigred
Renaming the files didn't help. Still getting the same error. This is just wierd. I'm running ATI on four other machines with no problems. Later I'll try updating to 9.11 and see what happens.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Output file for xxxxxxx absent? (Message 3697)
Posted 3049 days ago by Bigred
On Friday I instaled a HD4890 in a machine and I keep getting the output file error no matter what I do. It runs Vista 32bit. I've tried boinc 6.10.13 and 6.10.17. I've tried drivers from 9.1 to 9.9. I even remembered that at one time MW required .NET so I installed .NET 3.5. I even took the card and swapped it with another HD4890 in another machine that is crunching and it woked fine.I've attached, detached, reset and rebooted so many times that I just shut it off and walked away from it on Friday. I've searched the forums here and at MW and the only references to this were for Nvidia cards. Can somebody help me figure this out?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Proposed new BOINC credit system (Message 3491)
Posted 3055 days ago by Bigred
There might just be a mass migration to Folding or other non-Boinc DC projects.
4) Message boards : Cafe : Team Recruitment thread (Message 2895)
Posted 3079 days ago by Bigred
Crunchmaster Your opinion counts.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Errors noticed on Wingmen machines (Message 724)
Posted 3130 days ago by Bigred
In case anybody Notices I Aborted all the Collatz Wu's of 4 or 5 Box's. The reason being effective today my Farm will be about 1/3 smaller because of rising Electrical Costs. I received our Utility Bill today and it was over $1100 & I simply can't absorb those kinds of costs any more.

I'm not a Business man nor do I own a Business that I can write off some or all the expenses that go along with a Pharm the Size I have. I'm just a Retired Auto Worker who made a Hobby of BOINC out of my Home but it's getting past the Point of being able to afford it anymore at the Level I've been accustomed to.

So I've decided to shut down 1/3 of the Pharm and see what the Bill is next month, if it's still to high I'll shut down even more of it. One good thing about it is I'll have Parts for years to come to keep what I keep running in running condition. I've been trying to Condense what I have so I can keep as many of the GPU Cards running as I can but even some of them will be shut down too.

My wife hasn't seen the Bill yet but when she does I can already hear her screaming at me ... :P

Sorry to hear you're having to downsize and just as I'm just getting started here. I have to shutdown about half of my farm in the summer. The AC just can't keep up with everything running but I stay toasty in the winter.

Maybe you should invest in some solar panels or wind turbines to help offset the cost of electricty.

Put your flame retardant suit on before showing that bill to your wife.

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