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1) Message boards : Macintosh : Problems getting my GPU up and running with Collatz (Message 9228)
Posted 2715 days ago by Robin Kipp
Hi all,
I recently bought an NVIDIA QuadroFx 4800 graphics card which I built into my Mac Pro. I then installed CUDA drivers and the CUDA Toolkit and also restarted after each installation.
The GPUs are acknowledged by BOINC as follows:

So 15 Aug 15:18:30 2010 NVIDIA GPU 0: Quadro FX 4800 (driver version unknown, CUDA version 3010, compute capability 1.3, 1536MB, 462 GFLOPS peak)

Unfortunately, however, Collatz doesn't seem to be using my GPUs, whereas some other projects, such as PrimeGrid use them without any problem. I made sure that usage of NVIDIA GPUs is enabled in Collatz prefs. Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do to make things work?
I'm running Mac OS 10.6.4, 64 bit.
Thanks for any help!

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