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1) Message boards : News : Micro Collatz CPU Apps (Message 19663)
Posted 1310 days ago by Profile Zydor
How can i set this so that my laptop will continue to get mini and my androids will only get micros?

Use the Home/School/Work profiles to set different criteria for different machines. Set the option you want, then assign that profile to the machine.

Its Good Practice - but not essential - to leave Default set as a Default, then use two of the other profiles for your tasks.
2) Message boards : Cafe : The Last One To Post Wins! XVI (Message 19569)
Posted 1336 days ago by Profile Zydor
I had a peak .......

I'll take a bar-B-que steak, freash salad, bar-B-que potatoe in their skins, freash coffee, and a malt whiskey to round it all off any day .......

How's the droole factor rofl :)
3) Message boards : Cafe : Saving Eliza - She Needs Your Help (Message 19554)
Posted 1337 days ago by Profile Zydor
South Carolina State Legislature Paused to help Eliza:
4) Message boards : Cafe : Saving Eliza - She Needs Your Help (Message 19553)
Posted 1337 days ago by Profile Zydor
Facebook Page:
5) Message boards : Number crunching : MSI Afterburner Version 3.0.0 Final Released (Message 19552)
Posted 1338 days ago by Profile Zydor
Afterburner fans should go down load the long awaited V3.0.0 Final. The link is at the bottoma of a (very) long List of improvements in V3.0.0 Final:
6) Message boards : Cafe : Saving Eliza - She Needs Your Help (Message 19546)
Posted 1339 days ago by Profile Zydor
$764,000 so far - $236,000 to go, 5 weeks remaining.

This can be done ..... keep spreading the word. Facebook shares are up 40% in the last month, currently running at 21K

The donate page to view for full story, donate access point, and to spread the word:

Large numbers of small donations are the big story of this one - your $5 makes an impact, alongside tens of thousands of other individual $5 donations ...... donation links inside the page referenced above.

Please continue to spread the word by Page Shares on all forms of social media.
7) Message boards : Cafe : The Last One To Post Wins! XVI (Message 19530)
Posted 1341 days ago by Profile Zydor









Poop! Hay and straw mix inside animals and come out as poop!


Organic even!

eeeeeek!!...... ... Hey ...not...real-organic-straw-poop fertilizer
8) Message boards : Number crunching : What is the best GPU for Points Per Day. (Message 19493)
Posted 1345 days ago by Profile Zydor
Which GPU video cards produce the most points per day. Nvidia or AMD(ATI)?

At Collatz, based on broadly equivalent cards, definitely AMD.

However, interesting developments afoot (take a look at the science thread), whether anything permanent comes of it, and how it pans out for AMD or NVidia remains to be seen.

But .... if you are contemplating a purchase and are swayed by Collatz performance, it may be wise to hold fire for a few weeks, to see if anything comes of the accelerated Apps in the thread referenced above. If the idea in that thread works .... performance could well take off exponentially.

Much water yet to flow under the bridge, way way too early to be even sure it will work long term, let alone predict what the AMD or NVidia performance will be .... but the idea looks promising. Far, Far to early to say whether AMD or NVidia will come out on top of that revised app ... time will tell once they have had a chance to work through it ... early days at present......
9) Message boards : Number crunching : solo_collatz (Message 19464)
Posted 1350 days ago by Profile Zydor
However, one PC produces an error message...

5/13/2014 4:10:33 AM | Collatz Conjecture | Your app_config.xml file refers to an unknown application 'solo_collatz'. Known applications: None

I've come across that one before .... and there is a simple answer that escapes me at present .... still thinking ....

But, meanwhile

Strongly suggest you increase those CPU allocations to a bare minimum of 0.25 CPU, hugely preferable to make it 0.5CPU per WU

The classic setting 0.05 (etc) beloved of many BOINC applications will not work here. The application needs a barest minimum of 0.25 CPU to get anywhere near optimum timings - but you should go for 0.5 to give it maximum room to do its thing.

I have seen users results go from 6000 secs a WU plummet down to a hugely faster time by a factor of 5, 6, 7 times or more or more depending on the application being run.

Using a setting of 0.05 (etc) CPU will throttle the application, use 0.5 and give it room to work.

You will gain significant advantage by running two Solo Collatz concurrently on a GPU (the lower end GPUs not so much), but any more than that will throttle it. As a rule-of-thumb, the max number of Solo Collatz WU per GPU should be no more than two. (Watch your GPU temperatures - with two per GPU - the work rate for the GPU goes up, and heat rises, usually increasing the fan speed by circa 2 or 3% gets that sorted)

Will they run with more on settings ..... for sure, but you gain nothing, and multiply problems over heat, complexity blah blah ... the list goes on. Stay at 0.5 CPU, and max two GPU WU concurrently on each GPU (for Solo Collatz), and that's pretty well optimum for the vast majority (circa 99%+) of folk.
10) Message boards : News : Missing Apps Part 2 (Message 19417)
Posted 1354 days ago by Profile Zydor
One week of work lost.

They were validated 10 May 2014, 0:07:44 UTC
11) Message boards : News : Micro Collatz CPU Apps (Message 19404)
Posted 1355 days ago by Profile Zydor
I suggest you open up app_config.xml now and change the CPU per GPU setting, waiting until it has finished will be a long wait. Its highly likely you could have finished off several correctly set WUs in the time you will wait for the low setting to finish just one WU.
12) Message boards : News : Micro Collatz CPU Apps (Message 19402)
Posted 1355 days ago by Profile Zydor
Collatz Conjecture 56.225% Waiting to run (0.01 CPU’s+ ATI GPU)(Scheduler: waiting to acquire lock)

You are running the application with way too little CPU. The app needs at least 0.25 CPU per GPU, and its preferable to give it 0.5

Using 0.01 is throttling the application and is the major cause of the slow times. Suggest you give each GPU 0.5 CPU.

I suspect the "waiting" part means you have it set to back off if a set level of GPU useage is taken by another application. To stop that set "while processor usage is less than ....." to zero, and set the "every day between the hours of " to 0.00 and 0.00

However note that those settings give priority to BOINC. Its usually not a problem, but can be an issue if you run reaction-time sensitive games. If it gets in the way of other things, put it back to original setting and "take the hit" if your priority is other applications. Usually, 99% of the time set in the way I suggest is fine for real world use.
13) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Running on Raspberry Pi (Message 19389)
Posted 1356 days ago by Profile Zydor
There's the 'ol adage .... if it aint broke don't fix it ..... :)

If later you discover it is broke .... with the separate config location described below (home, work etc), you can therefore set that machine to not accept a class of WU in the usual way in the configuration options in the time honoured fashion.

That works because the config is only applying to that machine via the separate environment you set (choose any one of work, home etc, it matters not, but its good practice to leave the default option as a generalised default.

Good Luck :)
14) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Running on Raspberry Pi (Message 19387)
Posted 1357 days ago by Profile Zydor
Whoooops ..... that was me moving along in the 'ol standard rutt rofl :)

Sorry about that ....

To isolate the machine to its own configuration, set the "Location" as I described. That will allow you to set its own app_config.

Two stages .... set the machine location as I described, then redo your config file, then update.

Keep your eyes on that BOINC version though for when it gets released as a current version and not development version, it does remove the pain and hassle of the "time left" counter.

Re your app_config you posted .... if clarify what you want that to do, I will write another version for you, it does seem a little strange on the face of it.
15) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Running on Raspberry Pi (Message 19384)
Posted 1357 days ago by Profile Zydor
Version 7.3.13 (as yet unreleased) of the manage has a "fraction_done_exact" option, that would help

Current AMD Version is 14.4 go to the AMD site to download.
BOINC Current Version is 7.2.42

Any reason why both the micro and mini jobs both have a 2-week deadline, when the micro ones will take ~10 hours while the mini ones will run for ~7 days?

I would go to the AMD site load the latest driver, implement the new switch and then see how she goes - without that you will be guessing against unreliable information.

Clear the decks first on correct driver and then take it from there.
16) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Running on Raspberry Pi (Message 19378)
Posted 1357 days ago by Profile Zydor
How can I get only micro jobs sent to this one system?
The only preferences I can see to set are per-account, not per-system, and I have other systems running this project which I do not wish to restrict to micro jobs.

Two overall Tools to play with that solve most of that type of issue.

Main one is set different Options in separate config files, you can set up to four different sets of options per account:

There are also a veritable Gaggle of switches available that also solve pretty much most individual issues - accepting sod's law usually applies - however 99.99% of Option issues get solved by the use of the alternate config page above, and the vast array of switches below.

Individual Machines
Most times just setting separate config files at the individual machine level, without messing too much with individual config switches, solves most issues. Don't forget to tell the software which option applies to which machine. To do the latter go to:
- Click "Details" for the machine in question
- go to the bottom of the screen and select the location in which you placed the configuration. When the software runs, it will then take that configuration for that machine, not the catchall default configuration marked "---"
17) Message boards : Number crunching : fraction_done_exact is a new switch - use it (Message 19372)
Posted 1357 days ago by Profile Zydor
A relatively new switch fraction_done_exact, has been implemented in BOINC effective on versions starting (and including) 7.3.13 Don't waste your time trying this with earlier versions of BOINC, you must be running 7.3.13 inclusive or above. (if you ever needed a "push" to update your BOINC Client, this is definitely it rofl :) )

This switch eliminates a long standing BOINC frustration whereby the "time remaining" part of the calculation metric on WUs was always way,way out when starting a "new" class of WUs. The latter problem has arguably caused the most amount of angst, hassle and comment on any aspect of the stats side in the History of BOINC. This, at last, plugs that long standing grief.

The switch will ensure the second part of the classic time statements showing in BOINC Manager state's reality, and at last gets round the horrible second timing that has caused so much confusion over the years (time remaining to completion)

To implement the switch, place it inside the app_config of each machine running. A simplistic representation of an app_config is shown below, with the place to insert the switch. Once you have done so, click "BOINC Manager - Advanced - Read Config files" to get it going for the running files, it will in any case auto-start on the startup of the next WU to be crunched.




Tonight, burn some incense in honour of BOINC for - at last - plugging this long standing irritation, and stops BOINC "lying" ......

Progress indeed ...... :)
18) Message boards : Number crunching : application Large Collatz Conjecture needs 56 Days to complete (Message 19362)
Posted 1358 days ago by Profile Zydor
both are currently just under 23 hours elapsed time with 5 hours remaining but they are not even 34% complete

Would help enormously if you could post the contents of your app_config.xml, and your large_collatz_6.04_windows_x86_64__opencl_amd_gpu.CONFIG. Name of latter will vary slightly depending on your exact configuration and GPU, but you cant miss it - just post contents of your version of the .CONFIG.

Hard to understand what's happening without those - its definitely running too slow. My guess is the "long-file-name.CONFIG(s)" are blank.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : AMD GPU reduce clock under load (Message 19287)
Posted 1364 days ago by Profile Zydor
oppps ..... forgot one thing .... be even more suspicious if you have dual cards with a power strap between them.

In those cases. if power save is enabled, a lot of times (not all, but most) there can be issues where BIOS powers down the second GPU Card to "save power" because its not detecting BOINC activity.

Its not so improbable as you might think, as these days the CPU is hardly accessed at all in comparison to a constant GPU when a GPU WU is running. Its not uncommon for the power save to kick in over the dual strap for the second GPU whilst BOINC is running. Whilst many (not all) auto restart in time for the next GPU instruction, many don't, causing a delay.

Best way to avoid that is don't use a strap across GPU cards - unless you are a mega high end gamer with a Screen Wall and micro-seconds count in zapping the bad guys in shared On Line gaming, todays card speed often means you don't need that strap.

BOINC is fine with that and will access both GPU cards over the BIOS, it does not need the dedicated strap.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : AMD GPU reduce clock under load (Message 19286)
Posted 1364 days ago by Profile Zydor
If you are using Afterburner, make sure 'Force Constant Voltage" is ticked. Its usually inside the BIOS but programmes like Afterburner can access it.

Its not a "cure all", and may not even be your issue, but its definitely worth checking out, because with todays PC Maker's focus on User perception re Sales etc, its often the case that CPU and/or GPU power save / dynamic voltage usesage functions are auto enabled, and many people don't know they are even there. However, Crunchers and High End Gamers do notice.

If you see voltages constantly changing in CPU and/or GPU monitoring programmes, its (many not all) times a good bet that dynamic (or "variable" voltage has been enabled inside the PC BIOS for CPU/GPU inside the BIOS. Particularly CPUs where typically 2xCPU are run at a constant high voltage, and the rest at "dynamic" - the latter gives up front speed for those not into configuration, or hardware unaware gamers that don't use all CPU/GPU - good for Sales :)

That will have its own issues of course - no such thing as a free lunch - and likely power consumption and Core temperatures will rise a little. From a Crunchers viewpoint, whilst Dynamic Voltage can be a good thing, many times it can also be a pain depending what the PC is used for.

No guarantees .... but its definitely worth checking out on the CPU(s) and GPU(s), such manipulation as a default setting is becoming commonplace these days - its great for casual gamers, but not so great for many Crunchers.... depending on how much they get into hardware performance.

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