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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Immediate computation error on Zotac GTX 770 (Message 24045)
Posted 228 days ago by Bill Michael
I suspect those were Windows 10 updates -- Windows 10 is evil stuff -- I though Win 8.1 was bad but Win 10 makes it look mellow.

Yep! Although from a UI standpoint, Win 10 is better IMHO. But I've reinstalled GPU drivers MULTIPLE times on multiple systems when MS "decides they don't like what I'm running" and give me no choice on what I want them to do. Apple is looking better and better... (I'd say Linux, but the UI is still FAR from "user friendly" - and I've been playing with it off and on for 15 years now, several distros.) Oh, for the days when we had a dozen OSes to choose from, and the competition kept everybody "improving for the user" instead of "improving for the seller". (Amiga anyone? CP/M? Atari? MPE? VMS? PICK?? ALL had good points, now gone...)

On this issue: One host installed no problem, don't know yet if it worked, in the middle of a Genefer 22. (Host 468371, GTX 780).

Other host refused to install, said a newer version was already there. (# 468374, GTX 950). Deleted existing version, then successfully installed... no joy. Instant computation error.

I have decided that I have one workstation which will never run Collatz again.

I had a system that randomly powered down. Every few minutes or hours. Swapped PS, case power switch, updated BIOS, looked for micro-cracks in MB, bad solder joints, cooling problems, reseated (and tested) RAM and GPU, disassembled and reassembled more times than I can count, swapped HD's and installed Win10 fresh. Finally, just before breaking down and buying a new MB, tried "percussive debugging" - (picked it up six inches and dropped it on the floor). Stupid thing hasn't failed again yet. Collatz RAC 528,569.43, running in third or fourth GPU project priority. Guess I scared it. (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! For professionals only...)

Perhaps someone will look at this thread and offer some other magic bullet.

Two of my four that "can" run Collatz are, one maybe, one no. Good enough, I guess, Collatz isn't one of my high-priority projects. The "magic bullet" is to do what all the OTHER projects do (eventually, after enough complaints, instead of putting a requirement on the home page and leaving it to us...[except of course LHC and LHC-dev, but they have an excuse of sorts; their poor design up front requires VirtualBox]) and static-link the library when they compile the application instead of requiring individual pieces (Linux-like) to be on every volunteer's computers, configured correctly, and redone every so often...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Immediate computation error on Zotac GTX 770 (Message 24043)
Posted 228 days ago by Bill Michael
Thanks! Will try it now, have 2 PCs that can't do Collatz that were working before some MS update...

This needs to replace the incorrect link on the home page!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Immediate computation error on Zotac GTX 770 (Message 24037)
Posted 228 days ago by Bill Michael
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Immediate computation error on Zotac GTX 770 (Message 24019)
Posted 237 days ago by Bill Michael

Install both 32bit and 64 Bit run-times and all will work.

"We're sorry, this download is no longer available."

Thanks so much, Microsoft. Home page still gives this link as well...

Stupid question? Why not statically link the executable? Do away with this requirement? I found the 2013 and 2015 runtimes and downloaded them, no joy. Can't find the 2012 one on MS site, they continually link to the same 'removed' page.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 24008)
Posted 242 days ago by Bill Michael
Getting very confused on badges... First, I LOVE all the new (latest set) designs, especially from Onyx up (lower ones still look 'boring' to me). But I've got 63 million credits, my badge at Free-DC has been 'stuck' at the amethyst (was 20M) fractal level since before the move to military rank (here shows Sergeant stripes). I realize the original set jumped from 20 to 100 so I wouldn't have been expected to change there, but it should have at least gone to the Sergeant stripes. Definitely looking forward to the smaller gaps between lower badges. Not all of us have billions of credits, and the 20-100M gap was WAY too big.

Not running the export feed? Free-DC not getting the new badge designs? Not updating in your own site either? BUMP! :-)

P.S. Why does EVERY site make "amethyst" that awful pink color? Amethysts are a pretty purple...

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