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1) Message boards : News : Corrupt Index Caused Authentication Errors (Message 20316)
Posted 1108 days ago by DGG
Thanks Slicker for taking care of our accumulated data and yet still fixing the issue at hand. Although many of us probably seem to gripe endlessly to you folks, we really do appreciate the work you do.

Probably shouldn't have followed the BOINC notice or event message to detach and reattach then? I guess many of us followed that message off the edge of the database cliff.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : All WUs for ATI 7950 card erroring out... (Message 15944)
Posted 1879 days ago by DGG
Reread my post and wanted to clarify that I meant only the 7950 with Collatz only on my PCs. Not meaning to impy everyone else has the same issues.

Also did the ATIMAN thing and not successful with 13.1 Catalyst. Did ATIMAN again and 12.10 and worked. Same problem as before when the beta drivers caused problems, I was OK with backing off to the 12.10 full version. But now the fullly supported 13.1 Catalyst seems to be not compatible with Collatz either.

Collatz programmers need to fix this to support AMD GPUs! I'll just run Collatz on my PCs with NVidia and older 6XXX series AMDs for now and hope the programers eventually get this fixed. The 7XXX series and 13.1 Catalyst is the current versions supported by AMD and should therefore be supported by Collatz.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : All WUs for ATI 7950 card erroring out... (Message 15942)
Posted 1882 days ago by DGG
Here we go again. My system automatically updated to the new 13.1 drivers for my AMD Radeo 7950. Works great everywhere except Collatz which now fails every WU with a computation error.

So the Collatz programmers need to again look into whats changed that their software doesn't support in the new drivers. I hope the new Collatz programs would be written to support the current 79XX series but it still seems almost a year later that problems still exist with the 79XX series and Collatz.

Again ONLY COLLATZ has the problem and only on the RADEON 7950. My other PC use older Radeon cards but are also 13.1 upgraded without a problem. The PC with the 7950 runs numerous other projects that use ATI on the 7950 without any failures.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : All WUs for ATI 7950 card erroring out... (Message 15468)
Posted 1954 days ago by DGG
I was able to get Collatz working again on the AMD 7950 card. I followed the baisc idea mentioned here by several people of the uninstall using two different programs to no avail. Seemed like every program was either not running right or failed to get rid of everything.

So I waited till I had more time to tinker. Backed up all I could. Sat for a couple of hours going through registry hacking out anything I could find related to the graphics drivers hoping I didn't kill something I really needed along the way.

Found stuff from the older AMD 6970 and even a years older Nvida 9800G remnant too. Killed all this in registry and rebooted and reinstalled 12.10 drivers. Collatz restarted and is now working fine on both my 7950 and my 6970 cards (different PCs).

Weird that I only had this problem on Collatz and all other projects didn't have a problem with the older driver remnants. But I was able to get Collatz back up on my 7950 so that's what counts.

Thanks to everyone who helped!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : All WUs for ATI 7950 card erroring out... (Message 15444)
Posted 1957 days ago by DGG
Read the posts Gurufin mentioned. Doesn't fit my situation as everybody's WUs except Collatz work fine. But tried to follow suggestions in that post mentioned. Tried the atiman thing on Windows 7 64 bit...Finally got it installed as admin after lots of problems just getting it to install at all. Ran it and it did absolutely nothing but generate a bunch of error messages in a dos window that was then closed so fast I couldn't read them. I don't like the fact it gives you no clue what it is doing in the dos window or what is failing. Useless program for me.

Still have same problem. Why would the driver be a problem if only COLLATZ has this problem? As I said before, all other ATI projects run ATI WUs on this card just fine. Only the Collatz units began to fail on only this card and no drivers or hardware have been changed since the time they stopped working.

Will detach from project for a while and then reattach later when I have the time to see if that helps. Will just have to run other projects till then.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : All WUs for ATI 7950 card erroring out... (Message 15440)
Posted 1957 days ago by DGG
I have had two computers, one with an AMD 7950 and one with a 6970 running Collatz work units AOK in the past. Both GPUs are using Catalyst 12.10.

Starting yesterday, the computer with the AMD 7950 has starting getting compute errors within the first few seconds after starting to run any Collatz ATI WU. Every one it gets dies quickly. I checked to see if anything had changed but don't see anything different. This 7950 card still works at 4 other projects crunching ATI WUs so I know the card works. Only on Collatz has it started dying. The software or hardware hasn't changed that I can see.

So I temporarily suspended collatz and did a computer reboot and restarted BOINC then the Collatz project was reset. I verified that I already have the most recent drivers (Catalyst 12.10) But I couldn't test further as the Collatz system had apparently cut off my 7950 from getting further work units.

So I waited a few hours with Collatz reactivated for new tasks. This card processed numerous other ATI project WUs elsewhere in the meantime without fail. Thats DistRTGen, Milkyway, Primegrid, POEM all working OK on this card.

A few hours later more Collatz ATI workunits came down and the 7950 failed every one of them immediately after starting. And of course I am again cut off from getting WUs so I can't tell whats happening. Also the 6970 is still processing them fine.

I looked at the computer info and see no changes to the card from what it was when successfully running. But I see the WUs my card failed, were picked up by others and seem to be working OK on their PCs although I don't see anyone with a 7950 card who got them so it's hard to tell if I'm the only one with this problem or not.

Did something change as far as version numbers or something that would only make my 7950 incapable of running only Collatz ATI WUs?

The computer in question is number 113262 and you can see the WUs that started the failures right after it finished a whole bunch of them fine. So I suspended Collatz on this PC only as I'm stumped.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : AMD APU (Message 15424)
Posted 1958 days ago by DGG
Would you also expect an Intel I7-3960X to have a 3960X video chip or an i7 990 to have an integrated 990 video chip even though Ivy and Sandy Bridge Intels do integrate video chips? So why assume an AMD chip would? (GRIN)

The processor number has never had anything to do with integrated video technology for any manufacturer. Also integrated video chips are never actually the same as their separate card counterparts. Don't blame a paticular brand or namer for that.

Nowadays the same numbered video card can even be radically different in cooling and functions just by being sold by a different manufacturer. For example AMD Radeon 7950s from AMD are far worse at power and cooling and core speed than say an MSI or ASUS Radeon 7950. Video and graphics are a wacky bunch to understand specs to say the least.

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