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Posted 8 Oct 2018 by RagnarokDel
Greylisted again ? ...

It doesn't appear to be the case according to the Cridcooinlists, but Collatz seems to be missing from the list of projects on my page again ...

What's happening ?

Greylisting is an automatic feature when a project runs out of tasks or stats cant be retrieved for some reason. For exemple since GDPR happened, some projects are greylisted until stats can be retrieved. Unlike a blacklisted project, a greylisted project doesnt need to be voted to be added to the whitelist again.

Hello everyone
A little thinkink out my mind !!!
I see on the majority of forums on all BOINC project the same thing : GridCoin/GRC poll problems.
Everywhere the same.
The biggest most of us are honnest cruncher who spent time, power, and electric to help science.
Some have very powerfull hosts, some less powerfull. Not a matter.
Like says philosoph "Pierre de Coubertin" about Olympics games : the most important is to participate.

Very strange is that Gridcoin/GRC, do not participate to projects who give very low credits
(Acoustic, CAS, BURP, DENIS, Gerasim, ODLK, Rake,.....)
Look only the stats on SETIBZH and Formula BOINC !

In fact, there are mining BOINC it self !!!

Look the stats and average credit on SETI !!!
With only 7000 members, they crunch 4 times more than the most honnest SET Germany with four times more members !!!

So they are 16 (sixteen) time much more powerfull.
I not speak about the hidden team GRC who is able with only 60 members and only 37 active to crunch two times more than Germay with 30,000 members !!!
The ratio is in million !!!
What kid of hosts they have ???
Strange !!!
Best regards from the first Belgian team admin.

It's probably the pools that skew those numbers. The grcpool itself has a lot of users (thousands) split on 3 CPIDs as you can see here

There's another pool as well as 2 charity group things that have many hosts.

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