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1) Message boards : Unix/Linux : computing error with intel GPU (Message 23939)
Posted 297 days ago by naokisz
The embedded Intel GPU requires really low settings. Check the optimization thread and use the lowest values and work your way up until it crashes. Then go back to the previous.

I think this error isn't related to the optimization.

When I ran this application in standalone mode, I noticed that this error occured before reading a config file.
So, I think this error is related to intel GPU driver. I will try installing old intel GPU driver or Beignet.

Thank you for your answers.

(SETI@home's WUs and Moo wrapper's WUs work well. So, I reject collatz conjecture's WUs now.)
2) Message boards : Unix/Linux : computing error with intel GPU (Message 23923)
Posted 314 days ago by naokisz
I installed intel GPU opencl driver and received WUs for intelGPU. But computing errors occured.

my computer is this.And my computer's clinfo is this.

I'm sorry for my English.

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