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1) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Need Step By Step help to install optimized client on Xubuntu 64 (Message 13286)
Posted 2256 days ago by Sport
I'm in the same situation; just installed Linux Mint 12 (32 bit...for now)on a Xeon Dual CPU Dual Core (4Cores plus HT) running an old ATI 4850 GPU. ATI Catalyst is installed and 'Appears' to be running fine. I've DL'ed and extracted the ....

Files but have no idea what to do with them

Sport c/o Team SeriousCrunchers
2) Message boards : News : Power Outage (Message 12302)
Posted 2502 days ago by Sport
I know you are probably getting tremendous traffic this time of day...but "No Joy" here...

EDIT:as stated below by others... I'm back in the door as well; good job.

I have a Tech support issue where is the forum for that (OS Upgrade XP 32>> Win7 64 due to a HDD failure) ATI 4850 GPU works fine; but won't Crunch; OptApp?)?
3) Message boards : Cafe : Anyone know where I can get a fan (Message 10045)
Posted 2702 days ago by Sport
Neal; I'm not positive this will work; but it is a terrific upgrade for a 4870 card...... From ultra; a replacement Cooler

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