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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Available applications (Message 24106)
Posted 204 days ago by mmonnin
There is a hint on the preferences page when selecting apps:

(Size hints: Large = 16 x Solo;
Solo = 16 x Mini;
Mini = 16 x Micro)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Insanely high FLOPS? (Message 24105)
Posted 204 days ago by mmonnin
Makes sense as this project has really bloated point values with I think CreditNew.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Supported Platforms (Message 23417)
Posted 429 days ago by mmonnin
I tried running tasks (Collatz Sieve v1.21 (opencl_nvidia_gpu)) with my GeForce GTX 980 (GeForce Game Ready Driver version 357.86 on Windows 10 64Bit, OpenGL 4.5 (GeForce GTX 980/PCIe/SSE2 with 386 ext.)) and got 107 errors before I even noticed what was going on...

PS: "OpenCL support is included in the latest NVIDIA GPU drivers...", so that should not be the problem.

FAH can't use 375x drivers, maybe collatz can't either? The drivers were downloaded direct from NVIDIA? Win10 cuts out part of the drivers when it installs.
4) Message boards : News : Major Maintenance (Message 23416)
Posted 429 days ago by mmonnin
I came here because I saw some real haywire stuff in the BOINC standings. Someone with username EG got something like 17billion credit this week alone. #4 in the world overall for non-ASIC in a week lol. I came to see what might be going on.

Then I see.......

Actually what happened is I changed e-mail addresses. And when you do that Boinc assigns a new CPID for your new e-mail addy. since all stats sites pull stats by CPID number, it appears to you that I just joined today and magically have tons of completed work in a few minutes.

Not the case here. I just moved up to #4 boinc non-bitcoin a couple of days ago. I had been #6 for a number of months.

Also if you look at the absolute high steps page you will see I set the record for high number of steps three years ago as a member of a different team.

Been a member of Collatz since 6/2013.

Jon works very hard to keep the project running smoothly since this is a one man operation. the problem he is fixing are problems that come more from the advancement of tech and peoples ability to use such for nefarious purposes. (spamming anything and everything they can)

He does an excellent job of keeping up with it as best he can. Given the slow responses from some projects with large teams of people, I would say does a yeoman's job at it.

Most of the issues are resolved.


To you to also!


EG has a lot of 7990/7970 GPUs. The points are real. #1 in Collatz and Moo.
5) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Collatz does not use all available GPUs (Message 22678)
Posted 566 days ago by mmonnin
What happens if you put this into app_config.xml above or below the GPU usage line?

<cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> ?????

I use my CPUs for other CPU only projects.

I don't know of another place it's stored. Has Boinc manager been restarted or the project updated?
6) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Collatz does not use all available GPUs (Message 22664)
Posted 569 days ago by mmonnin
To me it seems like collatz is seeing your card as a 1 GPU but you have 2 actual chips on the card so you have to tell the app to run 2 tasks on your card.

Use this in app_config.xml


The means are explained in the Boinc Wiki

The rest of the OCN thread was optimizing Collatz per task. Post 58 contains the above app_config.xml code to get 2 tasks to run per GPU.

A full explanation of the other options like items_per_kernal and lut
7) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Collatz does not use all available GPUs (Message 22634)
Posted 573 days ago by mmonnin
It is in that projects directory. It may be located in different locations based on how BOINC was installed.

Is it here?

You have 2 GPUs on one card. BOINC is running 1 task per card. Make it use 2 tasks on a card.

One of the 1st links when googling came to my own teams optimization thread. See this post which says to do the same thing I suggested.
8) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Collatz does not use all available GPUs (Message 22621)
Posted 576 days ago by mmonnin
Have you tried using this in app_config.xml ?


The number of GPU instances (possibly fractional) used by GPU versions of this app. For example, .5 means that two jobs of this application can run at once on a single GPU.

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