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1) Message boards : Unix/Linux : GPU steps don't match CPU steps in 5 of 9 WUs (Message 22517)
Posted 595 days ago by doneske
After processing 9 WUs on an ATI/AMD HD6670 GPU on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 5 fail with the following error:

process exited with code 230 (0xe6, -26)
Collatz Conjecture Sieve 1.21 Linux x86_64 for OpenCL
Written by Slicker (Jon Sonntag) of team SETI.USA
Based on the AMD Brook+ kernels by Gipsel of team Planet 3DNow!
Sieve code and OpenCL optimization provided by Sosiris of team BOINC@Taiwan
The verification of the steps for 2707249077170739360511 failed. The OpenCL device calculated 1077 vs 454 steps by the CPU. Processing aborted.
Error: (-998)Unknown at 1708 of RunSteps
Error: GPU steps do not match CPU steps. Workunit processing aborted.
12:19:51 (26183): called boinc_finish(998)


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