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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 23479)
Posted 477 days ago by Chris311
Here's 20 icons, keeping the original fractal design, scaling to 32, with the original 7 intact, and I added the missing 1 billion.

100K Bronze
1M Silver
5M Gold
20M Amethyst
100M Ruby
500M Sapphire
1B Turquoise
2B Emerald
4B Onyx
6B Jaspar
10B Jade
15B Topaz
20B Peridot
25B Rodolite
30B Aquamarine
35B Chalcedony
40B Firestone
45B Spinel
50B Afghanite
100B Titanium

Maybe these will work with a minimum of problems....

Very nice, thank you!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 23471)
Posted 478 days ago by Chris311
Do I remember what badge goes with which project, nope not a chance.

You are right and therefore there needs to be a badge that is related to the project.

The Collatz fractal is perfect as a badge for this project. It has a huge recognition value:

By Pokipsy76 - English wikipedia, Public Domain,
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 23468)
Posted 478 days ago by Chris311
I loved the style of the old badges! They were perfect for this project, you could identify the project by the badge on the first look! And those badges were very beautiful in comparison to many of the other projects.
I`m in the military (LtCol, Air Force and not Army ;-) ), but using ranks for this project is not right. Please go back to the old badges or start a contest so all can contribute and make suggestions for new badges!

Thank you very much,
4) Message boards : News : SSL Certificate Replaced (Message 23278)
Posted 498 days ago by Chris311
I did more searching in the traces that I took of successful and unsuccessful machines. The machines that were NOT successful had an endpoint IP of for Collatz. The successful Collatz machines talk to an endpoint IP of for Collatz. Why we should get 2 endpoints is beyond me. Whoever is in charge of the Collatz project needs to get us all to point to the latter (and proper) IP address of We will know when that is fixed, as then EVERYTHING will work! (Mic Drop!)

If your computer(s) and or router/gateway finds the 205 address.... it probably has STALE DNS INFO stored in memory.

You should probably shut down BOINC, reboot the PC(s) and then FLUSH the DNS CACHE of your PC and possibly even reboot the router to get correct DNS information.

I also used's CACHE CHECK to see what it return and all their servers world-wide return the same answer (

When I do a Whois Record for the IP address resolved to the CORRECT one of
IP Address is hosted on a dedicated server
Website Title Collatz Conjecture
Registrant Name: Jon Sonntag

IF I do a TraceRt of from MY PC I get:

4 * * * Request timed out.
5 24 ms 26 ms 23 ms
6 25 ms 27 ms 27 ms []
7 25 ms 25 ms 26 ms []
8 25 ms 24 ms 26 ms []
9 40 ms 39 ms 38 ms []
10 56 ms 56 ms 56 ms []
11 57 ms 57 ms 57 ms []
12 54 ms 57 ms 55 ms
13 56 ms 55 ms 55 ms
14 65 ms 65 ms 65 ms []

The IP address of IS NOT REGISTERED TO ANYTHING CLOSE to the correct web site.
IP Information for
Resolve Host
OrgName: Highwinds Network Group, Inc.

Sorry guys, this is way too technical for me... I'm just an operator, not a technician...

Is there any chance, that the guys from Collatz Conjecture program can change anything, that for “regular” users like me the situation gets back to normal?

Thanks and cheers,

5) Message boards : News : Power Outage (Message 23229)
Posted 500 days ago by Chris311
Same thing for me since 2 days...

11/7/2016 5:33:14 PM | Collatz Conjecture | Fetching scheduler list
11/7/2016 5:33:15 PM | | Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site
11/7/2016 5:33:16 PM | | Resuming computation
11/7/2016 5:33:16 PM | | Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down.

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