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1) Message boards : Windows : HD 4890 getting no WUs, says no OpenCL support (Message 24225)
Posted 145 days ago by Azmodes
Yeah, I thought as much. I think I was just confused because it says on the main page
OpenCL Drivers are available from:
AMD Video Driver - Caution: The HD 4770 and 48xx GPUs require the Legacy AMD Catalyst driver which is NOT the same as the current AMD Catalyst driver.

I took that as implying that my card is supported, but I now notice that above it also says
For GPU processing:
AMD Radeon HD 5000 or later graphics card with OpenCL 1.1 support

So I guess this answers it, my bad. Apart from Moo!Wrapper, does anyone know any other projects that might support the card?
2) Message boards : Windows : HD 4890 getting no WUs, says no OpenCL support (Message 24222)
Posted 145 days ago by Azmodes
Yes, that's exactly what I did the first time and what directed me to the legacy driver linked in the OP.
3) Message boards : Windows : HD 4890 getting no WUs, says no OpenCL support (Message 24218)
Posted 147 days ago by Azmodes
Alright, "latest drivers" would be which exactly from this list? Should I just select any kind of newer card series?

Letting Windows check for driver updates doesn't work.
4) Message boards : Windows : HD 4890 getting no WUs, says no OpenCL support (Message 24215)
Posted 148 days ago by Azmodes
This older ATI card refuses to fetch any GPU tasks with all the projects I have tried (which support AMD/ATI cards, like Seti, Einstein, PrimeGrid), except for Moo!Wrapper, which works fine. That includes Collatz, even though it says that the card is supported and I downloaded the legacy driver software and not the latest. The event log claims my card doesn't support OpenCL.

Here's the relevant parts from my log:
6 27.08.2017 21:25:40 CAL: ATI GPU 0: ATI Radeon HD 4700/4800 (RV740/RV770) (CAL version 1.4.1734, 1024MB, 992MB available, 2720 GFLOPS peak)
7 27.08.2017 21:25:40 App version needs OpenCL but GPU doesn't support it
126 Collatz Conjecture 27.08.2017 21:38:47 work fetch resumed by user
127 Collatz Conjecture 27.08.2017 21:38:48 Sending scheduler request: To fetch work.
128 Collatz Conjecture 27.08.2017 21:38:48 Requesting new tasks for AMD/ATI GPU
129 Collatz Conjecture 27.08.2017 21:38:50 Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks

Any specific driver acrobatics I have to perform here in order to get it to recognise OpenCL?

Thanks in advance.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Insanely high FLOPS? (Message 24102)
Posted 207 days ago by Azmodes
Anyone? Through optimising the config files, I'm now down to around 12-14 minutes for the 1060 and 20 minutes for an R9 270X. Still would be interesting to know the significance of the computation size given in the client.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Insanely high FLOPS? (Message 23905)
Posted 330 days ago by Azmodes
Maybe the client is simply showing GFLOPs, when it's actually MFLOPs?
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Insanely high FLOPS? (Message 23904)
Posted 330 days ago by Azmodes
So I joined here today and I noticed that this project has by far the largest tasks, FLOPs-wise, the BOINC client telling me that a single one amounts to 400+ PetaFLOPs. The largest I've had thus far were on Primegrid, with I think 25+ PFLOPs for the Genefer 22 app and those took a couple of days with my GTX 1060.

The Collatz tasks take around 20 minutes to complete with the same card (1 WU per GPU), which would imply a whoopin' 350 TFLOPS, which must be a mistake; unless I've been seriously misinformed about GPU FLOPS somehow, but that'd be close to 100 times the given maximum theoretical processing speed of that GPU. My fastest FLOPS with that card so far have been 500-700 G. Yes, I know different projects and apps vary in complexity and efficiency, but this is a whole other level. Is the client's computation size of the task just incorrect? Wouldn't be the first time that the data there is seriously mistaken (ex. time remaining). There are no computation errors either and I've received credit for each task so far.

I feel like this has a really obvious answer and I'm not what you'd call an expert on these things, but please bear with me and thanks in advance.

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