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1) Message boards : Windows : CUDA WU's errors (Message 12790)
Posted 2305 days ago by uBronan
I think some of the errors can be explained by using combinations of cards or in most cases the unstable drivers issues
I read the first post this person stated i run 3 x 460GTX but the log error is for an 8800 GTS.
I remember a friend of me running 2 x 580 cards but kept his old card todo the physx part because he wanted to get max performance of his new cards.
I wonder if using physx can be the cause of problems as well, on my cuda box i removed the physx since i do not see any need for it on a server xD
To find what is really going on more knowledge needs to be gathered about hardware and what is installed driver wise and if physx has been installed.
I think you need the most stable version as the standard and newer for test as a added program by the use of app_info.xml untill it has proven to run almost error free
Maybe its a good idea to put 2 examples of a good app_info for the different platforms x86 and x64 included to avoid getting problems, and/or a minor help file with options and instructions for install
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Multi-BOINC Manager (Message 12788)
Posted 2305 days ago by uBronan
Its not so difficult to get these programs working
Most of the time a firewall is the one who is responsible for blocking the traffic
In short only your main pc needs the ip addresses from the other pc's in the program.
For the clients you only have to copy the password from the file or edit it into a more easy one and you can use the same password on all boinc clients.
Who do not want that leave the huge number which bonc by default uses and copy that to the machine in control.

Boincview was not capable of reading the gpu progres, i am happy to see new development is started for us to have a program which controls other pc's from different spots.

It really works well i am controlling some machines for a friend which are installed on different locations over the planet. When he has a new pc he just have to open the password file and send me the ip and poof its under my control :D
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Multi-BOINC Manager (Message 12784)
Posted 2307 days ago by uBronan
I would not advice removing the password from gui_rpc_auth.cfg
Just put in a password for those pc's which you remember easy
A good and easy password means a sentence like "ilovemydragonsflying"
Believe me that those are secure enough

For controlling the other pc's in a network i would prefer the add/delete options

Even though its not common knowledge a know of another manager which i have been using for a while allready
Its called BoincTasks and you can find it here :
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Compuation errors on a GTX 260 (Message 12762)
Posted 2310 days ago by uBronan
I found the best and stable driver for most nvidia cards still is v258.96 and is by far the fastest driver
Sadly for me those are not an option since my card does not work with it, i even have tried tinkering with the install to add the card into the supported hardware But somehow it either started to give weird problems including showing artifacts, or after booting reporting no supported hardware found
So for now i still am convinced its the best one for all cards which are older, and not contain the latest fermi chips with gddr5 memory
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Compuation errors on a GTX 260 (Message 12760)
Posted 2310 days ago by uBronan
I have no problems with my GTS450 "eco-version" with driver 270.26beta and linux64. The thread run times with a GTS450 "eco" at Primegrid contains some runtimes.

This is actually very good to hear.
However your card is the original design which is intended by nvidia.

As i saw my card logically finish units faster then yours.
To be honest i wonder if only the windows version of the drivers have this issue.
As far as i can see they are related to the powerhouses from ati/nvidia which had to be protected against overheating and burning. This had also an effect on normal performing cards which do not burn when they run at their near full loads :D

I have posted somewhere the runtimes of my cards but lol i forgot where it was :D
I found them on the same forum and clearly the difference in core speeds is kinda alot, mine is at 900 yours 700 Mhz and most important you have ddr3 memory which only runs at 1800 Mhz effective this one is at 3800 Mhz

So as i said before your card is indeed not affected in any way you probably also could run the older and faster driver for your card to gain some more performance with it.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems after Upgrade Geforce 280.26 (Message 12754)
Posted 2312 days ago by uBronan
I just remember that using the app_info.xml gave me issues also even on the normal ati setup failed when i tried.

Running plain from site without app_info was without any problems, but i forgot to mention it
And since that it is not much slower i did not try to find a solution.
And my pc problems made me forget that i wanted to try the opencl version on my machines to compare.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : MILESTONES (Message 12753)
Posted 2312 days ago by uBronan
Lately i am not very lucky with hardware :D

First died my second hand super quad pc with q6600 together with the asus 2 pci-e slots mainboard including power supply of the second machine.
One of the 2 x 4770 all of a sudden die on the memory, ofcourse just after the guarantee passed
I think its been killed by the lightning strike which hit a tree nearby, and probably has also damaged the videocards

Just when i wanted to rebuild a new boinc machine a second hand 5870 burned after the fan stopped while i was a weekend in the north (maybe alos caused by the strike)

But the other machines which where behind a surge protected construction where fine, still not much left working well :D
Now the most sad was i had just bought a surge protector block for these pc's when it all happened :D
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Compuation errors on a GTX 260 (Message 12751)
Posted 2313 days ago by uBronan
I really have no clue why it such a mess with current drivers.
However when i check the fixes i see the programmers sadly focus in my opinion too much on gamers, ofcourse i understand that this is the biggest and most demanding group. Still many users do use the gpu's for scientific work as well.
Its allways was with ati a search for the best driver for the card and still at this moment only 2 drivers seem to be for us the best ever released
Which are catalyst 11.5a and 10.10 for most people doing gpu up to the 58xx models, but the newer models like 6xxx probably would have the same problem that they are only supported by certain drivers.
There was in the paste a guy who made custom drivers for both card which where my favorites but his life got screwed up by loosing his work and house as far as i know. So we probably won't see anyone picking that up anytime soon.
Now we are at the mercy of the programmers from both brands which allways seem to mess something or many things up xD.

The cards which are factory overclocked or giving many errors can sometimes be used by underclocking.
My old 9600 Gt was doing well here but not at his factory settings ...
I had to downclock the memory 200 Mhz and core 100 Mhz then it became stable and would run error free, that was also why i had a struggle with EVGA to get it RMA'ed the card acted normal under plain windows.
But when it got stressed by projects the artifacts and problems started, when it died a few weeks ago it was already downclocked to his max
I could not go lower or the machine crashed and opening firefox was a real 25 seconds wait...
But gladly EVGA donated me a brand new GTS450 for the defect old card when i told them about the problems i have had with that card.
Factory overclocking seems the best but i found is a risky choice since nobody have researched what happens to the cards when running long times under full stress.
Till now all cards which i have overclocked seem to loose over time the power they had before, for instance my 5870 could run 950/1340 but every month i had to lower the limit a bit now a year later its at 900/1259.
Believe me when i try to go 5 Mhz higher the cards start to give errors or crash.
So in my opinion you must be lucky if your vide card is not affected when overclocking, so i will not buy a card anymore which is factory overclocked
Because i think in the long run will slow down anyway.

The low budget cards from nvidia/ati are based on gddr3 And now even gddr2 is used
This is ofcourse an issue since they add huge amounts of cheap memory on these cards, but all to make them worth selling without looking if its a good choice.
We know for instance its plain madness to put 3 Gb video ram on a gt430 but the factories of these cheap cards do push them on the market.
The core is simply to weak to make any good use of these huge amounts of memory.
So in the lower segment the basic design is based on gddr3, now ofcourse gddr5 gives a good boost, and because its more expenssive memory these cards get only 512 Mb or 1 Gbof video ram
But also makes these cards some weird ducks :D
And since they are only recent products just are supported in the crappy build drivers ;)
9) Message boards : Number crunching : MILESTONES (Message 12748)
Posted 2313 days ago by uBronan
hahaha agreed mikey on the costs
in my country electra is extreme costly
But for the server i have 3 nvidia cards 1 normal and 2 fermi based ones
from which the GTS450 is currently the fastest. the others are GT8600 (non cuda) and GT440 (fermi)
I am selling some of the old stuff, and am just waiting on some news how the new amd fx cpu will perform. If it really gives a price worthy performance ill get myself such cpu with a good motherboard. The new fx opterons are kinda at intel prices so i guess they should perform likewise.

Anyway ill try to keep crunching till i get to the 100m :D, probably in a much slower rate. So between now and 2100 ill get it xD

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Compuation errors on a GTX 260 (Message 12744)
Posted 2314 days ago by uBronan
Yes Claggy i know but i guess some changes has been made which are not conform nivdia design cause i tried many included on the lists.
These 2 i have here simply do not get found, and the driver provided by the card is 267,56 which is the lowest which installed the card correct
The other card is the gigabyte GT440 and that one gave me similar problems with the drivers since this card is a version with GDDR5 memory instead of the GDDR3 which is the normal used on these cards and only has 96 cuda core instead of the normal 144
I bought it when my EVGA 9600 GT suddenly died so i still could use my server.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : MILESTONES (Message 12743)
Posted 2314 days ago by uBronan
ahh yes agreed mikey :)
i am currently focused at some cpu projects
my first goal was to get all my projects at country and join date rank as high as possible.
But then i got distracted by wcg and the primegrid badges :D
I finally got most wcg batches at the same color which are available, those others seems to be impossible to ever reach.
So i stepped over to primegrid badges and currently recieved another 2 into my stats, no clue how long it will take to get the rest. As far as i can see a lot are no longer available in those too.
So as the side cpu project i am trying to get spinhenge and distrrtgen up to 100.000 as well

On the ati gpu projects i set my goals to get all of them over 5m minimal and after that probably back on collatz to get it to 30m
The cuda is meanwhile working on einstein and seti to get them up to near 1m, hopefully the units still keep flowing cause i could not run them for many months.
And meanwhile am searching for a second hand replacement motherboard/cpu with 2 or more pci-e slots so i can put more cards in the old server machine.
I have now 2 vc-cards on my storage which can not be placed :D
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Compuation errors on a GTX 260 (Message 12740)
Posted 2314 days ago by uBronan
Sadly that version does not see my card at all
I think most Fermi based need at least 267.5x
Even te 267.24 failed to see my card it simply reports no supported hardware detected xD
13) Message boards : Number crunching : MILESTONES (Message 12739)
Posted 2314 days ago by uBronan
I am trying to get that 100 m like you have, even on global i am not at that point :D
Still a long time to go before i hit that magical number
14) Message boards : Number crunching : MILESTONES (Message 12735)
Posted 2316 days ago by uBronan
Congratz on any or each his milestone :D
Maybe one day i get one too ;)
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Compuation errors on a GTX 260 (Message 12734)
Posted 2316 days ago by uBronan
Indeed Slicker the newest versions have not worked well on any systems which do boinc, for now i found 267.59 the best version for my cards
Since they are newer models then the GTX260 i guess this version will do fine.

16) Message boards : Number crunching : Compuation errors on a GTX 260 (Message 12729)
Posted 2318 days ago by uBronan
Just saying i get messages without telling us what those are won't give us enough info
In general the cards you use are install and run so why it fails has to be found with these messages and ofcourse what you did
Because simply putting a video card into a system will not make it work well , without some proper driver installs and checks if all works well
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Collatz on a GT 440 (Message 12728)
Posted 2318 days ago by uBronan
Have you checked in collatz prefs if nvidia work is allowed?

Where exactly do I check that? here on the site or in my boinc client somewhere?

Under my account here on the site you see a sentence:
collatz conjecture preferences

click on it and you are in it
18) Message boards : Number crunching : collatz 2.05 (cuda31) hangs (Message 12695)
Posted 2333 days ago by uBronan
Just a hint i removed any driver above version 270 since the driver has some serious issues
I found my brand new GT440 and GTS450 showing all kinda weird issues :

Error out units
Hanging during processing
Downclocked gpu core to 100 Mhz at full load (idle speed)
Downclocked memory speed to 57 Mhz at full load (idle speed)
Changed voltage on the core and memory

All these problems are related to switching tasks or pausing your units for any reason like the benchmark or rebooting your machine.
Even found same issues on my AMD machine with the latest drivers (cat 11.7 and 11.8) downclocked my gpu to 400 mhz and memory to 1000 mhz.
So on the nvidia it has a extreme impact its almost a stand still

After i installed the 267.56 driver all problems are gone and everything runs smooth again
Another issue related to these drivers is the enormous increase in cpu use on gpu projects, so if you run also a cpu process along the gpu process it will become slower cause of this.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems in Aqua land (Message 12693)
Posted 2335 days ago by uBronan
I worked for a super large firm and did know a section was going to get fired while non of the 1100 people was informed at all.
The most nasty was when they had a corporate meeting and the top was even telling them to probably having a good future, a month later all got fired.
Those are the moments you hate your bound to a non disclosure contract
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Google Ads (Message 10216)
Posted 2629 days ago by uBronan
I hope you get the check soon :)
Cutting costs for the project would be nice
And may i say try to smooth "She who controls the checkbook" a bit up with some flowers before you ask ;)

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