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1) Message boards : News : SSL Issues (Message 24347)
Posted 159 days ago by Profile arkayn
I'm not sure why yet, but the LetsEncrypt script didn't update the SSL certificate as expected. I ran it manually and it worked. If you are still having problems connecting, please let me know.

I'm getting the Transient http error, and an immediate backoff.
2) Message boards : Windows : Gtx 1080 support (Message 22654)
Posted 628 days ago by Profile arkayn
project doesn't seem to with a gtx 1080..
any idea how i can get it to work with this card ?

I have it running just fine on a GTX-1070
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimizing Collatz Sieve (Message 22637)
Posted 630 days ago by Profile arkayn
On my 1070/960 machine, this seems to work out nicely for both cards.


If I go up more it slows down the 960.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Notice from BOINC: project is using an old URL. (Message 22608)
Posted 635 days ago by Profile arkayn
I got the message, and I attached via BOINC Manager.

I think he updated to a secure address which is generating the error.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Invalid task (Message 20876)
Posted 971 days ago by Profile arkayn
Hi folks,

I have an invalid task, something I have not seen before:

The stderr output looks OK to me. Any thoughts on what may have caused this ?



I had 2 more:

Any clues ?



Have you tried changing over to the OpenCL version, I had a couple of invalids with the CUDA55 version as well. None with the OpenCL version.

Faster on my 2 cards as well.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Your best result so far? (Message 20209)
Posted 1144 days ago by Profile arkayn
It's been awhile for me:
2452 steps for 2369627332031553961643 on 2011-05-07 07:47:10

and me as well.
2359 steps for 2368007246471643953243 on 2011-02-07 23:22:20
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Your best result so far? (Message 20203)
Posted 1147 days ago by Profile arkayn
Gotcha. I thought the update was automated.

The one that gets updated every day is this one.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Your best result so far? (Message 20200)
Posted 1147 days ago by Profile arkayn
I just nailed a new entry for Slicker's list ...

1922 steps for 2393079510487207128713 on 2015-01-27 05:34:55

That list only get updated when someone beats or ties the previous high steps.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Mixed nvidia and AMD drivers (Message 20151)
Posted 1182 days ago by Profile arkayn
with the right os it's not a problem to run both driver. look at my profile and you can see a 660ti and a hd5850 runs on the same win7...for linux you should google this, because i think it's possible there, too

Unfortunately not, Linux only supports one video driver currently.

Win 7 is the best way to run AMD/NVIDIA together.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Limiting avaliable CPU cores (Message 20144)
Posted 1187 days ago by Profile arkayn
Ok but as I am not using my GPU for collatz that leaves all the boxes unchecked?

That is fine as long as you have use CPU selected up above.
11) Message boards : News : Murphy's Law (Message 20066)
Posted 1214 days ago by Profile arkayn
Naturally, on the opening morning of hunting season, the server decided to hang while doing the backups. That left the project in a "down" status. Everything should be back up and running now.

I swear you and Murphy are best friends!!!

Maybe you should just shut the project down for hunting season, might make it easier on you.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : using both nvidia-gpu and intel-gpu (Message 20033)
Posted 1230 days ago by Profile arkayn
I stand corrected, the app info is working almost like expected. The igpu WU is in fact using 1 cpu thread for processing however it still shows up on the Boinc Manager as 0.538.

Have you restarted BOINC since you edited your app_config, BOINC will show the old values until you either get new work units or restart the client.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : All mini collatz WUs are aborting (Message 19869)
Posted 1274 days ago by Profile arkayn
I looked at the applications and they all seem to be x64. Does this mean that I can't run on my MacPro which I think is a 32 bit architecture.

Your processor is a 64-bit one.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Virus found in MINI and SOLO collatz (Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]) (Message 19700)
Posted 1348 days ago by Profile arkayn
Dear All

My Avast Antivirus programme detecs a virus as follows:


Infection: Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]

Kindly let me have your feedback.


It would be a false positive.

Run the file through this site and it will show up clean.

Avast has been falsely tagging most of the BOINC apps recently, we recommend that you tell your AV software to ignore the BOINC data folder.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 19599)
Posted 1384 days ago by Profile arkayn
WCG has expanded their badges to cover 100 years of PC crunching time.
I wonder if anyone already has a 100 year badge?

It's not bad to prepare for the future.

20 PCs crunching for 5 years = 100 year's crunching. That wouldn't be that hard to do for people with large farms who crunch a single project.

Oh, I forgot that.

Or even for those with rooms full of pc's, 100 pc's in just one year. And yes there are people that have access to that kind of resource and more, and are crunching.

It is probably determined by seconds crunched, add a 8 core machine with 3 GPUS's crunching multiple units and you can get there fairly fast.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Large WU Feedback (Message 19346)
Posted 1416 days ago by Profile arkayn
Only 10 days to return work units that are showing 95 days to finish. Work unit 5604643
11.474 percent complete
2236:21 remaining.
Elapsed 61:50

Guess I won't be getting credit for this one HUH!!!!!

Looks to me like you will finish in another 9 hours.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Where's the top 1% RAC point currently? (Message 18834)
Posted 1469 days ago by Profile arkayn
Gold, Silver and Bronze Badge minimums are:
thresholds for user badges: 844312.88696495 176265.09555125 11119.552035708
thresholds for team badges: 6061718.8836996 1734115.3718501 71889.900445213

There was a bug in the php (does anyone ever run this stuff before it gets checked in to version control?) which was keeping it from working.

Tell that to Dr. A so he can fix it on SETI as well.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Where's the top 1% RAC point currently? (Message 18829)
Posted 1470 days ago by Profile arkayn
From manually checking the profiles of the top contributors, it seems to sit at 840k a day. As a result there's only about 4 dozen people with the 1% badge. It doesn't include all users, as I'm at 92nd in RAC, which would put me well inside the top 1%, which suggests it's only on active users or some other qualifier.

I do not think it runs constantly either, from what I have seen on SETI it seems to be a one run and done thing.
19) Message boards : News : Android Applications Now Available (Message 18823)
Posted 1471 days ago by Profile arkayn

Looks like I should be okay, I am at 26.871% after 36:46:19, so I should finish at around 144 hours.

Finished the first in 136:35:17 and got 936.40 for the work.

The next one is much smaller and will most likely be something like 100 points or so.
20) Message boards : News : Android Applications Now Available (Message 18771)
Posted 1475 days ago by Profile arkayn
My GS3 has been running a task for 14 hours now, and is only 4% complete. If linear, that works out to 350 hours, or 14.6 days. The deadline is only 8 days, so it will be late.

Are the short or long solo tasks being issued to this app/android devices?

You can see the size of the WU in the name. The first number is the starting number for the WU. The second is the how many numbers to check. The third is the number times it was sent to clients.

So, solo_collatz_2370352073947768138095_103079215104_0 will start at 2370352073947768138095 and complete 103079215104 numbers. That, by the way is the smallest size. (The large ones are 8 times that size.)

The percent complete is linear so it looks like your calculations are correct. It makes you appreciate the level of optimization done on the x86 and GPU apps doesn't it? A WU on the Android x86 VM took almost 36 hours compared to 4 hours under 64-bit Windows. It looks like I need to add a couple more smaller sizes to the WUs in order for the Android devices to complete on time.

Looks like I should be okay, I am at 26.871% after 36:46:19, so I should finish at around 144 hours.

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