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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Is one GPU more apprpriate VS another (Message 12936)
Posted 2317 days ago by Scott Brown
I'll go out on a limb and say that the $150-$250 range is going to be the sweet spot between good performance and having to take out a loan to purchase the GPU. It looks like the GTX 550/560 would be good choices if you go the nVidia route.

For AMD, the lower end 58xx or 69xx cards are double precision and do well. Note that the 58xx cards ARE double precision but the 68xx cards are NOT. Single prevision GPUs will work on Collatz but not on Milkyway or any other project that requires double precision.

If you have 2 PCIe slots, you might find that buying 2 lower priced GPUs gives more credit than a single higher priced one. e.g. 2 x GTX 550 Ti cost a little more than a single GTX 560 but will probably generate more credit.

If you go the dual GPU route, check the required wattage since a 600W power supply unit (PSU) may not be enough for dual GPUs. Heat can also be an issue with multiple GPUs if they don't vent out the back of the case.

I think slicker has correctly identified the "sweet spot" for crunching, and I can verify that with a 600W PS (I have your same motherboard, BTW), you should have no problem powering a dual mid-range GPU config (I have a GTX 460 and GTS 450 running in that machine at the moment with a corsair CX600 builder series PS).

One thing to be wary of, however, with the GTX 550 in particular. NVidia is famous for playing with odd memory bus-widths (e.g., 192-bit, 320-bit, etc.) with comparably odd memory sizes (e.g., 768mb, 1280, etc.). On the GTX 550, however, NVidia has paired the 192-bit bus with 1GB of memory by doing so unusual interleaving (something similar to "Flex" interleaving on CPU). While 95% of the time this will not be an issue, I have run into some errors in a few double-precision high memory use situations. Thus, some caution is warranted with the GTX 550 (as well as the some GTX 460 that have a similar set-up).

2) Message boards : Number crunching : GeForce 8800 GTX driver version unknown, CUDA version 4000, compute capability 1.0, 768MB, 346 GFLOPS peak) (Message 12398)
Posted 2488 days ago by Scott Brown

I believe PG's ATI app is actually OpenCL which means a 48xx or higher card is required. Since the BOINC client doesn't report OpenCL capability yet, my guess is that all PG can do is check the driver version because not all ATI GPU families are identified properly by the boinc client (e.g. Turks) and without that (e.g. "ATI Unknown") it can't really tell whether it will or won't support OpenCL.

All 4xxx cards and above can do OpenCL including the 4350 (though the speeds are really , really slow).

3) Message boards : Number crunching : BSOD Running any cuda23 wu (Message 11527)
Posted 2584 days ago by Scott Brown
How are you terminating your second card? The strange thing is BOINC is reporting 2 x 450s in the PC when you a 450 and a 570.

BOINC does this on dual NVidia boxes almost always. For example, I have a 460 and 450 in one box. It reports as 2x450's. No SLI...second card terminated with a dummy plug. This is just a BOINC thing.

@Al McAdams
Make sure that you have the SLI settings turned off in your BIOS. I have seen some BSOD problems where dual GPUs in non-SLI mode are installed in boards along with SLI main memory. With SLI mode on, the combination of SLI memory and non-SLI GPUs seems to cause some issues.

Also, are you running multiple GPU projects? If so, suspend all but Collatz and see if the problem goes away. I have also seen some dual-GPU switching issues where a crash occurs when mmultiple-GPU projects start and stop across the two cards.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Dnetc shutting down (Message 11187)
Posted 2608 days ago by Scott Brown
Primegrid is out of the question, I for sure wont be wasting my "Watts" where I get looked down upon...PG is a nvidia project, running Ati/amd there is just plain offense

That of course is your choice as it is for all of us, but I think you are going a bit far with the "looked down upon" statement. Their ATI app is simply runs slower. The volunteer developer who developed it does not even own an ATI card. It is my understanding that he tried looking at CAL, but gave up on it for various reasons.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : Pending Credit Mismatch? (Message 11186)
Posted 2608 days ago by Scott Brown

Mozilla crash = double post.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Pending Credit Mismatch? (Message 11185)
Posted 2608 days ago by Scott Brown
...... I've always been up front with how the credits are calculated in this project and believe they are awarded in the spirit of the credit system on which they were based.

Yes you are, and yes they have been - impeccably so, as is the running of the Project. You have brought an openess and clarity to this Project that other Projects would do well to emulate.


Well said, Zydor! I echo your sentiment.

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Dnetc shutting down (Message 11174)
Posted 2608 days ago by Scott Brown
While I've increasingly replaced those cards with 4770's, 4830's and 4850's, I still have a fair number of 4650's that now will be totally dependent on one project -- this one - for work.

4650's work with at least one app at PrimeGrid as well, though more slowly with an OpenCL app.

8) Message boards : Number crunching : mixed vendor GPU computing with Lucid hydra... (Message 11126)
Posted 2611 days ago by Scott Brown
As one who has done this on multiple Windows OSes, I agree with Mikey's assessment. I would add that, depending on things like the particular BOINC project, mix of cards, mix of drivers, and OS, it will require tweaking ranging from "none" to the "are you kidding me" variety.

For example, on a vanilla XP pro 32-bit box, I ran a couple of different NVidia 9xxx cards with an HD 4350 here at Collatz by just plugging them in and loading the drivers (and using a dummy plug on the second card) about a year ago (Thus, older drivers).

On the other hand, I just got an HD 4550 card to work with a 9600 GSO on PrimeGrid in a Win7 box after some very frustrating tries at getting the card to work with either the 9600 or a GTS 450 that is now in another machine. With PG's OpenCL application, the ATI drivers turned out to be very quirky. What worked? Well, believe it or not, taking the ATI card out and (after one reboot without it) re-seating the ATI card.

Given the variety of tweaking issues that I have either experienced directly or read on other boards, there is little advice that can be given on such mixed set-ups. However, I can recommend one broad rule of thumb: ATI does not like being "second". That is, there seems to be a lot less luck in getting mixed systems to work when the ATI card is not the primary card and/or when the ATI driver is installed before the NVidia driver. Thus, I would recommend setting up the NVidia card first (so that the ATI driver installs afterwards) and then moving it to the second slot while installing the ATI as the primary GPU.

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Errors on every WU only for HD4650 (Message 10437)
Posted 2674 days ago by Scott Brown

Maybe switch the cards. I have heard some reports that some motherboards (with crossfire especially) do not like the NVidia card as primary with the ATI in the second slot, whereas the other way round works fine.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : MILESTONES (Message 10373)
Posted 2681 days ago by Scott Brown

50 Million today!

11) Message boards : Number crunching : Error 0xc0000135 (Message 10313)
Posted 2684 days ago by Scott Brown

BOINC 6.12.6 works great on my home computer (with NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT).

I've not tried other projects GPU apps yet.

Is NVIDIA Quadro FX 370 compatible with Collatz? It has only 255 Mb RAM.

FX 370 is compatible...16 CUDA cores; it is essentially the same as the older version of the 8400GS card. I would suggest downgrading BOINC to 6.10.58, and if that doesn't work, trying different NVidia driver options.

12) Message boards : Number crunching : GTX 460 has problem in Collatz ? (is too slow) (Message 10000)
Posted 2711 days ago by Scott Brown

# of shaders and their speed is most important. Also important is the model series (e.g., 9xxx vs. GTx 2xx vs. GTx 4xx, etc.). Also, ATI comparable cards are faster at Collatz.

13) Message boards : Number crunching : GTX 460 has problem in Collatz ? (is too slow) (Message 9997)
Posted 2712 days ago by Scott Brown
GTS 450 has 192 cuda cores
GTX 460 has 336 cuda cores
simple math says it is nearly 75% cuda cores more.
But GTS 450 has average time about 1080 seconds per WU and GTX 460 has average time about 740 second per WU
and that is only 35% faster.
So if anybody knows why is GTS 450 so fast compared to GTX 460 or in other way why is GTX 460 so slow?

I know that GPU freq is higher in GTS 450, but 75% of cuda cores must give some boost in performances.

The shader frequency being higher (almost 1600 stock on most GTS 450 vs. 1350 on stock GTX 460) results in a total GFLOPs of the slower card being about being about two-thirds that of the faster card. Thus, the 35% difference you see seems about right.

14) Message boards : Number crunching : app_info.xml for ATI HD3870 GPU+ Phenom CPU (Message 9925)
Posted 2720 days ago by Scott Brown
I don't have a machine with two GPUs installed much less one of each, so maybe one of the more experienced crunchers can chime in and give some suggestions.

Though my setup is no longer mixed, I had no problem getting work for an ATI 4350 and NVidia 9600 GS in the same machine 3 or 4 months ago (Win XP, ASUS P5W Deluxe board) using the dummy plug technique (no app_info file required).

15) Message boards : Windows : Issues with ATi (Message 9829)
Posted 2730 days ago by Scott Brown

I believe you are supposed to skip the install of the mirrored drivers in VNC or else it has the same problems as RDP. Can someone confirm?

Yes...that is correct (at least using RealVNC).

16) Message boards : Number crunching : What's your bet for GTX470/480 performance at Collatz? (Message 9808)
Posted 2730 days ago by Scott Brown

Clearly your price points are not the same as the UK.

The street price for a Fermi 460 is £204 + VAT, and the price point for a HD5850 is £204 + VAT. On a price point comparison they are comparable.

Wow! That's considerably different than here in the US. I did not realize that the prices were varying that wildly.

As regards Milkyway outputs, in RAC terms, I cannot comment on that for the HD5770, but the HD5850 will settle at 177.5K. At least that is what I reached a few months ago.

I believe that the 5770 output would be does not have double-precision. I believe that the 5830 is the lowest DP capable 5xxx series card.

17) Message boards : Number crunching : What's your bet for GTX470/480 performance at Collatz? (Message 9797)
Posted 2731 days ago by Scott Brown

An interesting comparison Beyond. But comparing an nVidia Fermi 460 and an ATI HD5770 is a little unfair.

The direct competitor to the nVidia GeForce 460 is the ATI HD5850. So, comparisons need to take this in to account as well as the GPU clocks.

That is not true based on price point. Using, the 5770 starts at about $140 and the GTX 460 starts at about $170 (both much lower than the 5850's). The 5830 starts at about $195, so in truth, the GTX 460 should be compared between the 5770 and 5830.

18) Message boards : Windows : Issues with ATi (Message 9622)
Posted 2749 days ago by Scott Brown

I've read that the GPU WUs can't run if BOINC is running as a service. I don't have it installed as a service but my partner does use the computer in a separate account using "switch user". My account stays logged on but is not the active user. Will this also cause BOINC to lose sight of the GPU? If so, is there anything I can do about it?

Service install with Vista or Win7 will not work with a GPU app. With XP or Win2k, a service install is not a problem.

When not in a service install, switching users may halt BOINC unless you have installed as usable by all users. Even then, switching users will (if I remember correctly) stop and start similar to a machine restart. I would suggest leaving the machine on logged-in as a single user for 24 hours and see if you still get failed GPU tasks to see if this is the issue.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Running multiple GPUs (Message 9600)
Posted 2750 days ago by Scott Brown

Thank you for the input. My primary concern is with dual GPU output (whether or not it is crossfired) in relation to CPU. From the list of top hosts I've seen a lot of dual or more GPU setups utilising quad-core or more CPUs, so my worry here is will my dual-core CPU be able to fed 2 GPUs efficiently on Collatz knowing that the CPU is already sweating from Einstein.

I have a dual Nvidia setup (9600 GSO and 8800 GS) running fine with an old Pent D 830 dual core with PrimeGrid crunching away on the CPU. I notice no performance hit at all on either GPU or CPU, so assuming that yours is a more modern dual-core, I doubt that you will find any notable slowdowns.

20) Message boards : Number crunching : NV 9500GT on CUDA 23 - do I need a CC-Config file?? (Message 9421)
Posted 2759 days ago by Scott Brown


Anybody know the power draw of a low riser PCI GeForce 9500GT 1024MB DDR2, HDTV, DVI-I, HDCP graphics card (taken from the Sparkle Computer Co Ltd graphics card box).

I have looked at the technical stuff on the nVidia web site and in the box and there is no indication of the power demands from this graphics card.

I would like to know the power draw, as once I find out what the wattage of the PSU in the PC I can order and fit a new one sufficient to address the additional power demands.

TDP is about 50W, but in reality running BOINC projects you should be in the 35W to 45W range almost always. Still, I'd budget 50W when figuring the PS load.

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