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1) Message boards : Wish list : A better selection between Mini collatz & collatz by % ? (Message 12712)
Posted 2323 days ago by Akermit
Hi everyone,

is it possible to get a % selector for the delivered WU between Mini Collatz and "Bigger" Collatz ?

My Comp is NOT running day & night and so I prefer sometimes smaller WU´s and get back to work again, on weekend I like the bigger one´s, because I´ve got plenty of time to let them run.

But here is the catch, if I only request big WU´s I´ve got way to many and no chance to finish them within my normal week schedule.
So they timeout or I abort them.

Would it be not much easier for anyone to make a workload selector between Mini & Bigger WU´s with a % slider who gives you e.g. 20% Big Collatz an 80% Mini Collatz ?
Or 0/100 %, 10/90 %, 30/70 %, 40/60 % etc ?

With this anybody could plan the WU load much more precise, and bend it into the right timeframe.

I know there is a option to get only one type of mini or big ... but so you could get both, without letting one down ;)

Please if there is any chance to get a % selector, make it happen :)

Thanks & Greets from Germany

2) Message boards : News : It's Alive! (Message 10863)
Posted 2566 days ago by Akermit

I´m fine with 4 times bigger WU´s, but you may take a look at :

Calculated on : ATI HD 6950

I don´t think I found a new recordnumber ... "needed 3324576156 steps for 2367547124171451865412" so could it be, that the new ATI GPU´s are currently NOT supported ?
Also the executed steps is way to high : "2232460673094528190 total executed steps" - which gives nearly 16.297.899 Creditpoints ....

It looks like the calculation is wrong :(


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